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To be continued: Trump against Venezuela

Following the presidential elections in Venezuela, a talk aimed at understanding US foreign policy and the local reactionary right-wing movement will take place at the beginning of June.


Donal Trump. Photo: Pixabay

Marcella Via


The governments of both Hugo Chavez and Nicolás Maduro have faced restless hostility from Washington, with “regime change” attempts since 1998. Following its usual narrative, the United States has depicted Venezuela not only as a threat for the region, but also as a threat for the United States and democracy itself.

This time, the modus operandi adopted to defeat Chavism does not lie in military intervention, but economic sanctions and continual efforts to isolate the country using false charges. After the death of Chavez, hostile statements towards Venezuela steadily increased, reaching a total of 441 in 2017.

Nicolás Maduro – Photo Wikimedia Commons

Yet despite Washington’s anger, President Maduro was democratically elected in 2014.

Violence from the right-wing opposition ensued, erupting on the streets of Venezuela, backed by economic sanctions from the United States. More recently, in 2017, the opposition and the United States launched new efforts to demonise and isolate Venezuela.

Also falling within this scenario are the presidential elections that took place in Venezuela last Saturday 19 May 2018, which saw the re-election of President Maduro with 6,190,612 votes.

Henri Falcón, Maduro’s closest rival, only received 1.8 million votes. This result begs the question: how will the Trump administration and the opposition react this time?

For this reason, the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign has organised  the talk “The empire strikes back in Latin America”, which will attempt to unpick Trump’s agenda as well as that of the reactionary right. The event will be attended by experts on the topic, including Rocio Maneiro, Guisell Morales Echaverry, Julia Felmanas, Marcos Garcia, Chris Williamson, Richard Gott, Kate Hudson, Ben Chacko and Georgia Platman.

At the talk, various topics will be discussed, including Trump’s interventionist agenda and militarisation in Latin America, observations from Venezuela’s presidential election, the media and the resurgent right in Venezuela, the reality of Venezuela’s right-wing opposition and US destabilisation, the ‘economic war’ and the lessons learned from Chile and Nicaragua.

Donal Trump. Photo: Pixabay

The aim of the event is to present a real and critical analysis of the Venezuelan context, on which the mainstream media largely tends to spread inaccurate information. The talk will take place on the 9 June, from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm at the International Transport Workers Federation, ITF House, 49–60 Borough Road, London SE1 1DR.

For more information, please visit here.

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