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A Great Mix of Travelling and Competing

Travelling can always be exciting! Just try something new! Photo: Pixhere

The Connection Between Tourism and Tournaments

It is now a known fact that tourism and high-profile competitions go hand in hand, both benefitting from one another. Thanks to the publicity and the promise of a great deal of entertainment, the participation in these events have been increasing over the years. Furthermore, if such competitions are being held in a closed space, not being influenced by the weather at all, more people would consider attending. Such indoor competitions that require little to no special conditions are the casino game ones like poker, roulette or blackjack. As these types of games become more and more popular, the stakes are increasingly higher, and the attention drawn to these events is influenced in a positive manner.

Even though the advancement of technology has transformed the way in which we perceive such traditional games because nowadays there is an abundance of online poker websites out there, the passionate players will favour the live events rather than the online world. Thus, the critical connection between live competitions and travelling is established, with oftentimes, the locations being diverse in climate, geography and landscape, which serves as a huge attraction.

The Most Commonly Played Games in Poker Tournaments

When it comes to poker tournaments, the most common version of the game played is Texas Hold ‘em. This variant is the most popular one in the world of both live and online offerings, going back to the early 1900s in the city of Robstown, Texas. The rules of the game may be easy to learn but mastering the game can take years and years of practice, new strategies and game plans, thanks to the constant development by the professionals.

Each player is dealt two cards and then five other cards are dealt face up, in three separate stages in which players may choose to either forfeit the battle (fold), raise the stakes (raise), pass without raising the bet (check) or match the previous bet (call). The winner of the battle is decided by comparing the combinations of cards made between the ones dealt to the player and the ones on the table.

The second most popular variant of the game is Omaha. Of its two subvariants, Omaha Hi-Lo is slightly more popular than its predecessor Omaha High. The rules of this game are almost the same as in Texas Hold ‘em, but the main difference is that each player is dealt a total of four cards instead of two.

Las Vegas – The Heart of the Party

The biggest annual poker event when it comes to prize pools is by far the World Series of Poker. And the iconic Las Vegas, Nevada, has the reputation, hot spots and resources to host this grand event, which is why the tournament location has not changed in the past few years. Despite the saying — what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas — it is no longer a mystery that visitors here can enjoy their nights in some of the most luxurious clubs and casinos in the world.

But it is not all about the nightlife; Vegas also offers top-of-the-line accommodations, and some of the most renowned fashion designers have chosen this place for their retail stores. Art enthusiasts will also have a reason to pass through as well, with numerous museums and galleries displaying a wide variety of pieces from different timelines and styles.

And when you’ve had enough of the luxurious side of Vegas, you can choose to go hiking on the Red Rock Canyon or spend a quiet, peaceful time at the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef while observing the sea life. All in all, you don’t have to be a high-roller to enjoy a vacation in Las Vegas, as the city offers a lot of other entertaining activities for those focusing more on nature and relaxation.

Statistic by RubinBrown, CC0

A Trip Across the World

Despite its reputation, Las Vegas does not host every single event in the live poker scene. In the past, some of the cities that have hosted the top tournaments can also be added to the list of the most romantic cities across the world. Places like the always sunny and ready-to-party Barcelona or Great Britain’s busy capital of London have served as hosts throughout the years, attracting visitors from the farthest parts of the globe.

The rich and luxurious city of Monte Carlo in Monaco is another place competitors and spectators alike keep in their memories as being an impressive display of wealth and uniqueness. Just as well, those trying to run away from the cold winter season can choose to take part in the Caribbean Adventure, held every January on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. This event takes advantage of the evolution of the online poker scene, with registrations and qualifications being made from the comfort of your home.

Tournaments have also gone as far as the land can stretch and the fact that Melbourne, Australia, is one of the yearly hosts of two such events is no surprise. It might take a long flight, but the experience is worth it, thanks to the numerous activities available outside the events, making up for the time spent travelling.

A glimpse of Barcelona’s famous casino at sunset. Photo by Jorge Franganillo.

This year’s competitions will cover different regions of the world, giving fans a chance to have a glimpse of the local cultures to enjoy the diversity and embark on an unforgettable experience. From the farthest points in China to the famous Strip in Las Vegas, casino game tournaments are as diverse as they are in number. But do your research before you go, as it will ensure that you have all the information about the travelling destinations as well as their list of scheduled events and competitions.

Having such diversity when it comes to regions, it’s easy to see the benefits for both the hosts and the tourists. In general, high-profile events bring a lot of visitors and further improve the image of the city or state hosting them. From a competitor or spectator’s point of view, the fact that the live poker events are changing their locations throughout the years increases the chances of your visiting new places and making the most of your holidays, even on a limited budget.


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