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A toxic friendship

“No to Trump’s visit, no to war” is the name of a meeting looking at the special bond between the United Kingdom and the United States as part of the Stop the War Coalition tour.


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In the current neoliberal era, people have become used to looking at the international arena as a war field, trying to identify the different coalitions.

However, it is important to remember that “friendship politics” still play an important role.

The United Kingdom and the United States are two countries that have developed a very special bond over the years, especially in terms of military cooperation. For example, since the end of the Second War World, the two states have mutually supported each other in a variety of military interventions including Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Moreover, the use of the term “special relation” has helped to eliminate the concept of imperialism, inevitably excluding the “third party” from the analysis.

This concept can be better explained by presenting the case of the Chagossian people from Diego Garcia in the late 1960s and early 1970s. On this occasion, the United Kingdom expelled the Diego Garcia population, which was a colonial territory, in order to let the United State build a military base.

The importance of the presence of a military base in the largest of the Chagos Islands clearly relied on its strategic geographical location. Furthermore, during the 1990s, the island became a military detention centre similar to Guantanamo Bay for prisoners captured as part of the “War on Terror”.

Theresa May – Caricature Wikimedia Commons

However, what is important to learn from this story is that, while the location became known internationally for its military role, the Changossian people have been hidden from the narrative. Consequently, the special relation between these two countries has inevitably led to hidden cases of human rights violations of populations.

The case of Diego Garcia is just one example of the counter effects of an imperialistic friendship.

With this in mind, Stop the War Coalition is hosting an event called “No to Trump’s visit, no to war”, where the Anglo-American special relation during a time of war will be analysed in detail.

The event will be attended by the speakers Chris Williamson MP, Mark Serwotka (General Secretary, Public and Commercial Services Union) and Huda Elmi (Young Labour and Momentum activist).

The meeting will take place on Tuesday 26 June, from 7 pm to 8.45 pm at the New Unity, 277A, Upper Street, London, N1 2TZ. For further information, please visit Facebook and Eventbrite.

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