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Venezuela: So far 80 Released

Constituent Assembly requests designation of special attorneys to address political violence cases. Liberations will continue to guarantee that violence won’t come back in the country. Committee for Victims of Terrorism in Venezuela accept liberations


Delcy Rodrí­guez

The President of the National Constituent As­sembly, Delcy Rodríguez, requested on Thursday the designation of special attorneys to address ca­ses of political violence generated in the country.

Rodríguez specified that, so far, the Venezue­lan government has libe­rated 80 people linked to violent political acts ge­nerated between 2014 and 2018.

In this lapse almost 200 people were killed in mul­tiple attacks executed by extremists groups that intended to overthrow Ni­colas Maduro.

Rodríguez declared that 95% of the people libe­rated didn’t have a firm sentence, meaning that they were still being lega­lly processed.

The President of the National Constituent As­sembly made the appeal before the Committee of terrorism victims in Vene­zuela.

Managers of destabilizing company liberated

Five extreme right political activists were liberated on Wednesday night, local press confirmed on Thursday. The activists were detained in De­cember 2016, accused of sabotaging the national network for electronic commerce through the company Cre­dicard.

The five people were part of the di­rectory of this company which contro­lled electronic points of sale nationwi­de. Members of the high management were accused of perpetrating a sabo­tage against their own technological platforms to collapse the system.

More than 80 activists, linked to des­tabilizing acts in Venezuela, have been liberated during the last two weeks as part of pacification process ordered by President Nicolás Maduro.

(Text and photo from Chávez Vive – Venezuela Informa)

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