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Venezuela: fighting war with peace

Venezuelan leaders are going to great lengths to rebuild the country and engage with the opposition. However, the far right are not co-operating and appear to be using force to continue their support for external aggression.


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The new president of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Diosdado Cabello, took office on 19 June and called the country’s productive forces to action. He stressed the need to put into practice the laws already passed by the ANC.

This takes place at a time when the population has endured a brutal attack against the domestic economy and, according to President Nicolás Maduro, we must strengthen the fight against the mafias that speculate as to the needs of the people.

Cabello states that it is down to the ANC to change national strategies to enable political and economic stability and it is therefore essential to follow the measures put forward by President Maduro.

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Peace in Venezuela, according to analysts, has to go through an economic war to, at the very least, alleviate the crisis facing many national sectors. This is in spite of government efforts to protect the most vulnerable.

Dialogue, reconciliation, stability, economic growth and national prosperity all form part of the Executive’s course of action in its call to all political, economic and social sectors in the country.

After the vote on 20 May, Maduro appealed to the indifferent, the opponents and his supporters; “I call for a great day of national dialogue, a national reunion of all public, economic, social and cultural sectors in Venezuela. Permanent dialogue, reunion and reconciliation is what Venezuela needs, not pointless fights”, he pointed out.

Not, however, without a call to the opposition to “align themselves with a government of reconciliation and reunion with all Venezuelans”, he proclaimed on 22 May before the National Electoral Council (CNE).

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In this regard, the President welcomed to the Miraflores Palace (the official workplace of the President) opponents such as Javier Bertucci, ex-presidential candidate, Pedro Pablo Fernández, leader of the Independent Political Electoral Organisation Committee (COPEI) and governors from the opposition to show his interest in joining forces for the country’s benefit.

However, the far right are keeping their distance from any dialogue and appear to be using force to continue their support for external aggression.

On the other hand, the message from the Venezuelan government and its leaders is continually moving towards a productive economic agreement pursuing stabilisation, growth and prosperity for the country.  Contact has been made with representatives of the production and banking sectors for this reason.

The requirement to work in order to create resources and produce food for the population is a challenge and has been described as the greatest obstacle facing the revolutionary process instigated by Commander Hugo Chávez. It is widely known that this is the government’s greatest challenge.

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At the same time, the people expect more results against all forms of corruption. This is in spite of the progress made by the Public Ministry led by Attorney General Tarek William Saab, particularly in cases relating to the state-owned Petróleo de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA).

Although internal action and the development of production potential are the real focus for Venezuelans, the defence of the country and the Constitution against national and international conspiracies is no less important or strategic, state socialist leaders.

Bearing in mind the current domestic scenario and the external threats, it can be said that in Venezuela there is a great deal of anticipation as to what will happen in the coming months. This is particularly relevant to the government’s drive to overcome the economic challenges and foreseeable risks. (PL)

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