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For an anti-Nazi zone

Although there have been attempts of a fascist revival, their time is over. A counter-protest united against Nazism is going to take place on 14 July in London to mobilise against racism.


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While mass media criminalises Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the United Kingdom, fascist movements are growing and mobilising, spreading their message of racism and hatred.

Fascism is not just an ideology, it is a political movement leading to authoritarianism and totalitarianism. Countries that experienced this kind of regime have even declared the movement’s typical greeting illegal.

Fascism is like a plague: it comes from the bitterness of a failed social system and blames “the other” for the failures of a political system that defends those who hold more resources instead of those in need of social protection. Fascist movements also operate in the United Kingdom, with specific anti-Muslim propaganda.

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An example of this is the English Defence League (EDL), a far right and “counter-jihadist” street-based social movement founded in 2009 by Tommy Robinson.

The movement experienced rapid growth for its first four years until 2013 and rose to oppose the presence of the Salafi Islamist group Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah in the town of Luton. The action of this social movement became stronger due to a solid social media presence, which it used to promote its racist messages to the wider public.

Currently, EDL is mobilising to rebuild a neo-Nazi street movement. They have already marched earlier this month on 9 June, performing Nazi salutes and attacking the police. Due to these actions, many of the people who joined the march have been arrested.

Moreover, EDL is now planning another march that will take place on 14 July. The reason for this particular rally is the imprisonment of their de facto leader Tommy Robinson.

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The movement is also attempting to reorganise through the support of other international far right movements based in the United States and the Netherlands, as explained by The Independent.

As a consequence of this Nazi revival, Stand Up to Racism together with Unite Against Fascism are organising the “Unity protest against the Nazis and Tommy Robinson”.

This event is a counter-protest that will also take place on 14 July, to oppose the operation of fascist movements in the country. The march will take place in central London from 2 pm. to 5 p.m. For further information, please email or, or visit the Facebook event.

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