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Karin Trujillo: her home is anywhere in the world

Having always wanted to live in an English speaking country, she ended up studying translation and interpreting, first in France and then in England, where she has lived since 2014 in the city of Reading.


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A Latin American born in Peru, Karin Trujillo decided to study French, despite her preference for the English language, perhaps because it was easier for her to learn.

This desire motivated her to travel, something that she loves to do and is an inherent part of her personality, given that she doesn’t like to be in one place for too long.

When Karin arrived in Europe with the goal to stay for a while, her first stop was France, where she planned to finish her studies, a postgraduate degree in French Language and Culture.

There she met Jorge, now her husband, a Spaniard who was studying an engineering project at the time.

peru mujer gente 3 pixabayFrom that moment, her life was with him. After a year in France, Jorge finished the project and Karin her postgraduate studies. They decided to settle down in Valladolid, Spain.

Karin began to work in a museum there and stayed for 16 years, in which time her daughter Alba was born. For a long time, Jorge and she tried to have a second child, but the doctors told her it wasn’t possible.

She speaks of her time in Spain as relatively easy, given that she spoke the language and because her family had also moved there from Peru. She still felt foreign, however, despite being in the country for 16 years. Karin explains that this feeling came from how the locals looked at and treated her, and the life that comes with living in a small city such as Valladolid.

Nonetheless, she still dreamed of living in an Anglo-Saxon country. This dream finally came true when Jorge got the chance to move to England for work. Both thought that it was a good opportunity, and the move would be made easier because they only had one daughter.

peru gente 2 pixabayDuring the first three days in Reading, England, Karin felt unwell, and was surprised to discover that she was pregnant. This changed things, but she stuck to her plan to be in England and continue studying in English.

Furthermore, Karin sees England as a multicultural and democratic country, with individual freedoms, mutual respect, and tolerance.

She does admit, however, that something shifted with the results of Brexit – something that surprised her – and she has found herself feeling excluded in various situations.

For example, she tells of one negative experience that happened on the bus with her daughter during this time. They would go to school every morning, conversing on the way, which on this one occasion provoked a few people to comment about them speaking Spanish in an English speaking country.

The comment was made in English, and though they were speaking Spanish at the time, they understood what had been said perfectly.

england londres inglaterra pixabayBut things are calmer now, and even Karin’s daughter, Alba, at years old, begged her mother not to speak Spanish to her in public, saying that since they live in England, they should speak English.

Her objective whilst in England is to continue learning about the language and culture. Nonetheless, when asked to choose between Spain and England, her answer is clear: Spain.

Put simply, she explains that her home is anywhere in the world where her husband and children are.

Photos: Pixabay  –  (Translated by Lucy Daghorn – Email: lucy.daghorn@gmail.com)

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