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Farewell to Pedro del Canto

After more than a decade living in London, the Chilean artist decides to return to his southern country. As a farewell, a group of artists, including singers and poets, are joining together their talents, rhythms and flavours in an homage to the one who has left a mark on English lands with his voice.


Marcella Via


Born in a village near the town of Puerto Montt, located in the south of Chile, the capital of the Lake District and origin of the famous Southern Road, Pedro del Canto is a painter and singer-songwriter who arrived in the United Kingdom in the 90s. In the capital, Pedro was able to perfect his knowledge of oil painting and drawing, thanks to his studies in carpentry, an art that became his trade.

As well as painting, Pedro del Canto established himself as an important figure in the artistic context and South American culture of London, thanks to his work as a singer-songwriter. Specifically, in May 2006 he launched “Tiempo de contarlo”, his first album, made up of 10 songs with his own lyrics and music.

However, in February 2007, the artist suffered a stroke which left him voiceless and paralysed on his right side.

As a result of this, the cultural movement Amigo Artista was formed, made up of well-known musicians, poets and actors committed to the rescue of Chilean folklore.

After 11 years in London, Pedro del Canto decides to return to the land where he was born. As all Chileans know, there is no journey without a farewell, a custom that has, after all, become a topic within art itself.

Because of this, John Cuevas Flores, alongside Macarena Oneto and the other members of Pedro’s Group of Friends, have organised “Farewell to Pedro del Canto”, an artistic cultural event to say “see you soon” to their friend. Following Chilean tradition, there will be live music, raffles, competitions, and both Chilean and Latin American food and drink.

These artists will attend the event: Francisco Carrasco from Liverpool, Ro Montoya from Birmingham, Alfredo Cordal the poet and dramatist, Juan Calle the poet and singer, Johnny Kausary Multimusico of La Pachamama, Condores Andinos who will perform Pedro’s songs with him. Also, there will be international folk music and exclusive entertainment from DJs Sabrosso and Aquile traigo Guawanko.

The farewell will take place on 21st July, from 7pm to 11pm, in the Bermondsey Village Hall, London, SE1 3, United Kingdom. Capacity is limited and entrance costs £5 including 1 raffle ticket. Money raised will be given directly to Pedro Del Canto. For more information visit F acebook.

(Translated by Donna Davison) – Photos: Facebook event

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