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Latinx bloc against Trump: This is not utopia, but a bright rebellion

The visit of the President of United States to London is getting close. In protest of this symbolic expression of oppression, the Latin American bloc is uniting itself in a march that will prove to be a historic day of resistance.

Text and photos: Marcella Via


The President of the United States is coming to London. As his person represents fascism, xenophobia, racism and misogyny, and enforces Washington’s systematic oppressive tendencies towards the Latin American population, his visit requires a unified response.

The people of Latin America need to raise their voices against imperialistic US policies that have affected their region for years, behind the false promise of democracy.

In recent years, Washington has imposed neoliberal policies without the minimum respect for national sovereignty.

For example, the United States has actively terminated elected governments, in Chile, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala. Moreover, it has supported military dictatorships all over the region, such as those in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. Financial support was also given, as the United States provided up to $1.5 billion during the first four years of the Brazilian regime.

This is the context that has characterised United States relations with Latin America for several decades. Recently, Donald Trump took dangerous measures to restrict immigration to the United States. In fact, last year, he decided to extend the Temporary Protected Status (TPS), protecting around 86,000 Honduran immigrants from deportation only until July 2018. He also decided to end the special status given to 5,300 Nicaraguan migrants in January 2019 (Reuters).

These inhumane politics have no future and have lasted for far too long.

This is why Trump is not welcome in London. The Argentine Solidarity Campaign, together with other Latin American groups, are therefore working hard to organise the national ‘Stop Trump’ demonstration, allowing individuals to stand against Trump’s racist and cruel immigration policies and discourse.

Furthermore, the march is stepping against the criminal destruction of the environment, economic wars waged against countries outside the neoliberal sphere of influence and constant misogyny against women of colour and the LGBTQIA+ community.

In addition, the bloc underlines that the United Kingdom establishment and Theresa May are complicit in this systemic violence “by maintaining racist migrant detention centres such as Yarl’s Wood and creating a ‘hostile environment for immigrants’, or in foreign policy by allying with imperialist leaders like Trump”.

But, why do Latin Americans in London reject Donald Trump’s visit? According to Argentina Solidarity Campaign, they reject this visit for following reasons, among others: “The neo-Nazi policies separating children from their migrant parents, locking them in cages like laboratory rabbits, drugging them to stop them from crying”, “the racist and anti-migratory policies which condemn black and migrant communities to a cruel and inhuman treatment”, “the wars, interventions and invasions of our people’s lands which results in death, destruction and the creation of millions of refugees and displaced people”, and finally, because Trump “embodies the fascist, xenophobic, misogynist and racist tendencies that underlie systematic oppression”

The ‘Latinx bloc against Trump’ will take place on Friday 13 July from 1 p.m. outside the BBC, Portland Place, W1A 1AA. The bloc will also front the march to Trafalgar Square, where there will be a rally from 5:30 pm.

More information: Argentina Solidarity Campaign, Facebook, Twitter

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