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Bi-national co-operation between Venezuela and Haiti

The two countries’ governments have endorsed a memorandum of understanding that aims to strengthen bilateral co-operation within the framework of the Petrocaribe agreement.


The agreement is the outcome of the meeting that took place in Caracas on Wednesday between ambassadors from both nations, Jorge Arreaza (Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela) and Antonio Rodrigue (Republic of Haiti).

The high level summit, which took place at the Antonio José de Sucre ‘Yellow House’ in Caracas, means the resumption of the Bi-National Committee in order to finance development on the island through the joint project Bolívar-Petión, established as part of Petrocaribe. In a joint statement issued at the conclusion of the talks, ambassador Arreaza underlined that “Venezuela respects the developmental projects underway in the Petrocaribe cosignatory countries. Petrocaribe guarantees energetic security for the Caribbean peoples, and also offers mechanisms like these for financing and compensation.”

As such, he emphasised that the agricultural projects that the Bi-National Committee will be able to establish can also benefit the Venezuelan people.

“This is about fair and responsible commerce that recognises the realities of our economies, and which comes from a supportive mechanism like Petrocaribe,” he said.

The Popular Party’s Minister for International Relations referenced the historical ties that link the two countries and ratified Venezuela’s support for the island.

Ambassador Rodriguez, meanwhile, reiterated the importance of this agreement for his country, besides the resumption of the Bi-National Committee.

“We are taking an important step in the co-operation between Haiti and Venezuela (…) The Bi-National Committee is the instrument to develop projects in Haiti within the framework of Petrocaribe,” he emphasised. Ambassadors from both countries and from Petrocaribe were present at the meeting.

(Translated by Kit Sedgwick – Email: – (Photos by Jesús García)

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