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Brexit is a big deal, but not a done one

The Conservative government is falling apart day by day. This is the right moment to do something. A new march for the people’s vote on the final deal will take place in October.


Marcella Via


As negotiations about the future of the United Kingdom become increasingly intense, the Conservatives are seeing members resign from their positions within the government and the party. Indeed, after David Davis and Boris Johnson resigned, so too did Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield.

Moreover, in his resignation letter, Bradley wrote that he considered May’s standing as a betrayal to Brexit and an assist for a Labour goal scored by Jeremy Corbyn. The reason behind the resignation of the two Vice-Chairs of the Conservative party is their discontent with Theresa May’s decision to maintain friendly business ties with the European Union.

It seems that the division present within the government is provoking a major crisis, as more politicians are jumping ship. This is therefore the perfect time to finally see it flounder.

Only few weeks ago, over 100,000 people marched on Parliament to demand a people’s vote on the final Brexit deal. The protest has also been joined by around seven million students, as it is their generation the one that has to bear the consequences of Brexit.

As the crisis around Brexit is only going to get bigger, so too must the next protest: it will be louder and stronger, so that MPs have no alternative than to take notice. After the success of the previous march, with over 212,000 people signing the petition, ‘For our Future’s Sake’ is organising a new rally for the people’s vote. The event will take place on Saturday 20 October in Central London.

To sign up for the march, please go to People’s Vote March for the Future.

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