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The best areas in Europe to invest in property

Europe is home to an enormous variety of countries and cities, each with its own charms and reasons to live there. Even if you are not intending to live there, plenty of others are, and that’s why purchasing a property in Europe can be a very effective investment tool. You can buy to let or to renovate and sell on at a profit; however, it’s vital to buy in the right area so here are some of the most exciting European cities in which to invest.

The Algarve, Portugal

This is a coastal region at the southernmost edge of Portugal and it is absolutely beautiful. Its 100 miles of Atlantic coastline has amazing beaches, rocky outcrops and cliff-top vistas. It’s a popular holiday destination so any investment you make there should take advantage of that fact.

Dublin, Ireland

Ireland was particularly hard hit by the crash of 2008, however, ten years on and property prices are beginning to rise again as the economy recovers. Prices went up by 7.6% in the year to September 2017. That indicates it is now a good time to invest in Dublin property since prices still have some way to go. If you buy now and wait for a bit, then you should be able to sell at a handsome profit. Alternatively, you could buy-to-let and enjoy a steady income. There is certainly a demand for student accommodation in Dublin.

Budapest, Hungary

The capital of Hungary, Budapest, is a city drenched in history and style. The houses and flats available are truly stunning, fitting together neatly to create a really aesthetically-pleasing city to live in (or invest in). Budapest is one of the rising stars of European tourism, with holidaymakers from all over the world attracted by the interesting history, pretty surroundings and low prices. The good yields and low to moderate transaction costs make this city a winner in which to invest.

Sheffield, UK

The North of England is known for its industrial history but the regional cities are often beautiful and are really brilliant places in which to live. Sheffield is no exception, and its unique selling point is the incredible hills that the city was constructed on. The setting of the hugely successful film, The Full Monty, it’s a city full of charm that has two major universities so there are always plenty of students looking for rental accommodation Using a private real estate company like Swan Group, co-founded by Brian Weal, can be a rewarding way to start your UK property search.

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal and an absolutely stunning place to visit. The surprisingly temperate climate, the charming city streets, the excellent array of fantastic restaurants, the low prices and fascinating history are all drawing in the crowds. The streets are hilly and tiled, so the city isn’t great for pedestrian accessibility, but it certainly looks amazing. The low cost of property and cheap cost of living makes this a great city to invest in.


The sheer variety of places where you can invest is one of the appealing things about Europe. The stunning coastlines of The Algarve, the historic beauty of Budapest and Lisbon, and the northern charms of Sheffield are all there waiting for you to invest in property.

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