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Latin Carnival in Newham

This summer the streets of London will shine with Latin American colours in a day full of music and celebrations. The carnival will be celebrated on the 4 August.


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Carnival is a festivity that takes its origins from Pagan celebrations, such those that honoured Bacchus or the Roman Saturnalias and Lupercalias. It then became influenced by the Catholic tradition and today Carnival has become a happy and colourful event, full of music and costumes that, once a year, breaks with the monotony of the city.

In Latin America, the Carnival celebration is particularly spectacular, as local traditions play a fundamental role and the explosion of colours, music and joy attract tourists from all around the world. Among the most famous Latin American Carnivals are those from Rio in Brazil, Oruro in Bolivia, Corrientes in Argentina or the well-known Carnival in the Dominican Republic.

Moreover, the Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia is a unique and extraordinary example of the fusion of three cultures present in the country: Indigenous, African and European. At this event the festivity, influenced by Catholic religion which was brought back by the Spaniards in the Colonial era, is mixed with the musical inheritance of the African slaves.

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This Carnival is a tradition that started in the nineteenth century and sees the participation of more than 500 folkloric groups, which exhibit their exuberant customs and floats all around the streets of the Colombian city.

This year, the streets of London will be able to enjoy the vibes from the Latin American region as well, in a day full of music and local flavours. Of course, special guests will not miss the day. The event will be attended by the Catufa Foundation, Jhonny RC and the best merengue, Carlos Arevalo, Oscar Guaman DJ and Tinkus San Simón Londres.

The Latin American Carnival will be celebrated on the 4 August, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Memorial Park Avenue, E15 3DB, London.

For more information, please email info@latincarnival.co.uk or movimientoecuadoruk@gmail.com. Also visit Facebook event.

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