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Cacao medicine music concert

On 15 September the Peruvian singer Sofia Buchuck. will play together with special Andean musicians and Peruvian musicians based in the United Kingdom, in a concert full of Andean vibes.  


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Capitalism transformed health care into a business, developing technological solutions for any problem. Western medicine has spread worldwide, eradicating traditional medicines, with symptoms simply treated instead of prevented. It is true that modern medicine has helped individuals to live a longer life and has cured diseases that were life-threatening years before. However, it is important to point out the dangers of Western medicine, as it is a system based on profit.

First, medicines sold to cure patients are manufactured in a laboratory and are synthetic. It is therefore possible that medicines taken can produce side effects or lead people to develop immunities to them if taken from long periods of time, thus diminishing their results. Second, the high costs of modern medicines make them inaccessible to a large part of the population, who are therefore unable to be cured.

Sofia Buchuck

However, in countries such as Peru, traditional plants are still used by citizens to treat common ailments, including headaches, infections and inflammations. Such plants in Peru include Achiote, Sacha Inchi, Muña, Maca and Coca. These plants have positive health benefits for people and it is important to preserve this knowledge.

For that reason, Aho is organising “Cacao medicine music concert with Sofia Buchuck + special guests”. The aim of the event is to share medicine songs of well-known composers on these sacred plants in a night full of Andean beats. Through the use of ancestral instruments such as ocarinas, nazca, paracas, panpipes, flutes, charango and drums, participants will be taken on a journey, learning about the animals of power and the sacred elements of life.

During the event, songs from Sofia Buchuck’s new album will be shared together with Peruvian icaros in different languages. Also, there will be songs on the “Pachawarmi” healing circle in Lima, songs to the mother Ayahuasca, Wachumita, Cacao and other sacred medicine plants from the Tahuantinsuyo Munayki path.

Through these traditional sounds, the sense of medicine rituals will be explored, together with the sounds of healing to resonate with the profound roots of the Quechua, Shipibos, Moche, Chimu and other pre-Colmbian cultures.

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The “Cacao medicine music concert” will be also attended by special guests including the musician and puppeteer Jose Navarro, as well as Gustavo Quino, Wilfredo Avalos, Vicky Cespedes and Joham Chico. The event will take place on Saturday, 15 September from 7 pm. to 10 pm. at Aho, 13 Prince Edward Road, E9 5LX, London.

As spaces are limited, it is recommended to book tickets in advance. Tickets can be booked at: website or meet-up here.

For further information, please visit Facebook event.

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