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The impenetrable forest

This year the TRImarchi design collective represents Argentina at the London Design Biennale, from the 4th to 23rd of September. By using the ancestral  Wichi tradition of textile design the artists will escape from the urban and reconnect to the emotional state.


The TRImarchi design collective has been selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to curate Argentina’s Pavilion at one of the most prestigious events on the international calendar: from the 4 to 23 of September, craftsmanship, non-material heritage and contemporary design will converge at the London Design Biennale 2018 (LDB) in Somerset House.

This year´s edition brings together over 40 nations to exhibit newly commissioned works inspired by the theme “Emotional States”, a subject chosen to provoke a broad interpretation across design disciplines, with immersive and engaging installations that interrogate how design influences our lives, emotions and experiences. Responding to the theme, textile designer Sol Marinucci and TRImarchi co-founder, Sebastián Valdivia, began a journey to explore the world of ancestral Wichi design made from chaguar (agave fiber).

El Impenetrable is a place for visitors to lose the sense of the urban, a space to allow ourselves to reconnect with our emotional states”, the design team invites.

“The Wichis are masters of a certain type of knitting involving complex and sacred geometric forms that evoke the power of nature. When the theme of LDB calls on emotional states, it is time to reflect inwards, towards el impenetrable, towards being. The parallel with the Wichi community is inevitable, framed behind walls of thorns and shrubs, inducing magical states through its designs,” explain Marinucci and Valdivia, who have been working for over a year on the installation, alongside the Embassy of Argentina in the United Kingdom, and with the help of the British Council.

On the face of the 21 century, nations, territories and cities are increasingly recognizing the power of design to bring social change and foster economic growth.

The Argentine Pavilion is also seeking to make a statement about the environmental sustainability of the fabrics and the importance of a sense of Community, something that the Wichi people work on every day through their collective way of life, where “I” is replaced by “We“.

“The impenetrable forest”  takes place from the 4 to 23 of September, from 11 am to 6 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday and from 11 am. to 8 pm. on Friday in room 24 of Somerset House, WC2R 1LA, London.

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(Photos and information provided by the Press Office Argentine Embassy. Photo credit: LDB)

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