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For a Lancashire free from fracking

Bob Dennett has started “Ban fracking before it’s too late!” , a petition against the drilling company Cuadrilla to protect his community. Around 120,000 people have already signed the petition and the goal is to reach 150,000 signatures.


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Fracking is a controversial technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock.

The process involves drilling down into the earth before directing a high-pressure water mixture at the rock to release the gas inside. It can take place either vertically, or, more commonly, by drilling horizontally, allowing the creation of new pathways to release gas or opening of existing gas channels.

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The controversy surrounding fracking lies in the fact that, while it allows drilling firms to access difficult-to-reach oil and gas resources, it also prompts environmental concerns.

Environmentalists explain that potentially carcinogenic chemicals involved in the practice may escape, contaminating groundwater at the fracking site.

Moreover, there is also the concern that the fracking process can lead to earth tremors. In 2011, Cuadrilla suspended test fracking operations near Blackpool, Lancashire, after two earthquakes hit the area.

However, on the day before Parliament broke up for summer recess, the government approved fracking in Lancashire. This is why Bob Dennett has started “Ban fracking before it’s too late!”, a petition on against fracking in the area. In his petition, he says, “Fracking poses a serious risk to our health and our environment. This is why I am calling for it to be banned”.

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The petition has already been signed by almost 120,000 people and its goal is to reach 150,000 signatures.

The organiser explains that the UK’s anti-fracking movement is made up of ordinary people doing their best to protect their communities, lands and families against the damages caused by huge fossil fuel industries.

People from the movement point out that “where fracking is happening in the United States, Canada and Australia, people are getting sick as a result of the toxic chemicals they are exposed to via both air and water”.

Moreover, the pollution caused by fracking operations can kill crops and pose a threat to wildlife.

Over the years, local British anti-fracking groups and national NGOs have pressured the Lancashire council to reject Cuadrilla’s fracking plan in June 2015.

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However, this September the government allowed the company to start operations again.

As these will start very soon, people in Lancashire are mobilising to prevent it from taking place, protecting themselves and the environment. This is why the they are calling for urgent action.

For further information on “Ban fracking before it’s too late!”, and to sign the petition, please visit


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