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“Ludantia”: the city seen through the eyes of a child

After leaving its mark on Spain, the first International Biennial of Education in Architecture for Children and Young People moves to Bogota, the city where it will be from 25 September to 20 October.


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In May 2018, the UN released an article on cities and sustainability. According to that institution, currently 55% of people across the world live in cities. It also calculated that this figure will increase by up to 13% before 2050. Because of this, sustainable urban development is becoming an issue of great importance, especially for medium- and low-income countries.

In the process of urban development, children’s perspectives are important because they are also part of the city’s users. Looking beyond spaces designed especially for them, such as kindergartens, parks and schools, children and young people experience the city like any other citizen.

For this reason, “Ludantia” was born, the first International Biennial of Education in Architecture for Children and Young People.

The idea, unique across the world, came from Jorge Raedó, who is the Artistic Director of the Biennial, both in Spain and Bogota (the objective is to also take it to Lima, Chile and other South American countries).

The first exhibition was in Pontevedra, Spain, from May to June 2018, and then it will go to Bogota, Colombia, in the Leopoldo Rother Museum of Architecture, from 25th September to 20th October.

Once again, it will be a platform from which to share, debate, experience and disseminate educational and investigative projects that work with space, both domestic and urban or collective, where children are the protagonists.

Through their educational projects, the Biennial seeks to be a social opening to open the way to show the enormous transformative power that childhood and youth has over cities.

In fact, one of the organisers’ main objectives is to include young people in the city to turn them into mediators and listen to their opinions on it, because it is believed that they might be able to achieve the creation of better environments.

The event will present the exhibitions “Educational projects contest”, “Colombia” and “Golden Cubes Awards” through the International Union of Architects. Furthermore, Fabiola Uribe, the architect, director and founder of Lunarquicos, will coordinate an expo-active new-installation for “Playing with Architecture” and childhood workshops.

On 26 and 27th September, Jorge Raedó will coordinate a professional meeting on real problems in the city. The meeting will focus on work open tables which will lead to videos recorded and disseminated on childhood platform, Maguared, focused on real problems.

Date, time and place: Wednesday 26th September from 9am to 5 pm, and Thursday 27th September, from 9am to 8 pm. Leopoldo Rother Museum of Architecture, National University of Colombia. Carrera 30 no. 45-03, Building 314, Office 202, Bogota.

Registrations:  More information: : Ludantia and Fotos del evento en Pontevedra.

(Translated by Donna Davison. Email: – Photos: Jorge Raedó

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