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Maryam Eisler: adventures and obsession

The photographer will exhibit her series ‘#She’ and ‘Havana’ from the 18  to 29  of September at the Bermondsey Project Space. The exhibition will cover themes such as the female form and the generation gap in the Cuban capital.


Maryam Eisler Havana. Copyright © Bermondsey Project

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This September, the Bermondsey Project Space will host an exhibition by the Iranian photographer Maryam Eisler.

During her career, the photographer has shown work at Photo London, Unseen Amsterdam, the Dallas Art Fair and at Harper’s Books in East Hampton.

This time, the artist will present “Adventures and obsession”, a combination of her two series ‘#She’ and “Havana: beauty and dereliction”.

According to Maryam, the series“#She” “searches for the sublime feminine through the energy embodied in the female form when set against the grandeur of nature”.

This series of photographs, shot in New Mexico, explores universal themes such as love and lust, passion, temptation and unconquered passions.

Maryam Eisler #She. Copyright © Bermondsey Project Space

In her second series, the author explains, “Havana is a city of pathos more than modern contradictions. The irony is that the city transforms decrepitude, turning it into something inviting”.

Such dynamics are seen through the generation gap, where the younger generation dream of Miami and New York while the old maintain the revolutionary rhetoric.

All these topics will be explored through a series of photos showing how the distinction between beauty and dereliction becomes blurred.

Maryam Eisler work will be exhibited at the Bermondsey Project Space, a non-profit independent gallery, part of a Cultural Initiative Programme founded by State Magazine and Olympus UK.

The Project Space is composed of three gallery spaces, on three floors, across 3,000 square feet of a former 19th Century paper manufacturers with a dedicated video-screening suite.

Maryam Eisler Havana. Copyright © Bermondsey Project

It also provides a platform for fresh ideas in visual arts and embracing artists from all cultures, making it an exciting art space in London.

“Adventures and obsession” will take place from the 18 to 29 of September at the Bermondsey Project Space, 183-185 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3UW. Private views will be held on Thursday, 20 September from 6 pm. to 9 pm.

For further information, please email

(Photos and information provided by the Press Office Bermondsey Project Space)

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