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Up all night in defence of Luqman Onikosi

The fight of the supporters of the Nigerian refugee to stay in the United Kingdom goes on. They will organise a night of music and dancing this 19th of October to help Luqman in his quest to stay in Brighton.


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The deportation of Luqman Onikosi is a sentence of death for the Nigerian student. As reported by The Prisma on the 3rd of September, Luqman came to the United Kingdom in 2007 to study for a degree in Economic and International Relations at Sussex University, and then started a Masters in Global Political Economy in 2014 with the support of people from the campaign “Stop the deportation of Luqman Onikosi”.

During his studies Luqman was diagnosed with chronic liver disease, due to contracting the Hepatitis B virus. In Nigeria the medical infrastructure required to treat his case still does not exist, and Luqman already lost two brothers because of the same disease. Therefore, Luqman’s battle to stay in the United Kingdom is, in his words, “a battle to stay alive”.

Due to his condition, Luqman applied to the Home Office for Leave to Remain on medical grounds. However, Theresa May, who at that time was Home Secretary, refused his application and threatened to deport him. As a consequence of this, he lost his right to study and has not been able to finish his dissertation, as Sussex University could breach the immigration rules and have its license revoked.

Thanks to the campaign that started in support of Luqman Onikosi, he has been able to win the right to appeal against deportation in May 2018 and his case is now being considered on a human rights’ ground. However, the struggle is not over yet.

For this reason, Hey Buddy and Komedia Brighton are organising “Up all night to keep Luqi”. The event will be  a night of music, dancing and communitarian vibes where the money raised will support Luqman Onikosi on his quest to stay in the United Kingdom. During the event there will be live music from “Hey Buddy!” and DJ Severe Looks.

“Up all night to keep Luqi” will take place on Friday 19 October, from 11 pm. to 3 am. at the Komedia Brighton, 44 Gardner Street, BN1 1 UN Brighton.

For further information, please visit the Facebook event page.

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