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Judith Nelson: totally integrated into English society

For her it was easy to integrate into English society. She arrived with her husband who was bound for the country because of his work and although initially they had no plans they have been living here for 13 years now.


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Judith was born in Germany and is the daughter of an US-American father and Spanish mother and since a very early age lived in various countries because her father was a soldier and had to travel a lot. They finally settled in Saragossa in Spain when she was just eight years old.

Despite already residing in Spain her parents decided to give Judith and her siblings US-American nationality.

Time passed and Judith was admitted to study business administration but when she finished her degree she could not find work with a contract in Spain because she did not have Spanish nationality.

This situation meant that she had to work in the US air base located in Saragossa where Judith was paid in dollars and her working conditions were linked to US standards.

encontrarnos-manzanas-colores-razas-multi-pixabayThanks to this job she met her husband John also the son of an US soldier and educated in business administration in Spain except that on finishing this degree he decided to study special effects. For this reason he had to move to California and Judith supported his dream accompanying him in this adventure.

But in California she did not feel integrated into the society despite having US nationality working in the financial sector and being bilingual in English and Spanish. In other words she had the ideal attributes to integrate fully in the US and was moreover the descendant of an US American.

Nonetheless, this did not happen. Judith says she is a sociable person but that the US does not offer too many choices for socialising and the distances to travel in order to meet with other people are large.

migrant 1 London pixabayIn short, her life was hard and her feelings of attachment to Spain the land where she was brought up increased.

This meant that she went to live in Henley-on-Thames with the aim of being closer to Spain and her family.

The opportunity arose when John as a result of his work had to move to England.

One day they arrived in Henley-on-Thames, parked the car and when to have a drink.

They loved the town and it had everything they were looking for: grocery shops, banks and quiet. They had no doubts and bought a house there.

They are totally integrated in the life of the town and even have a meeting place in a local pub where they know people who are like family to them. They came without plans and have been there for thirteen years. Judith feels at home in Henley.

migrant 1 London inglaterra libra coin moneda pixabayAlthough there are still things which are different from Spain such as greeting people in the street, greeting people by kissing on the cheeks and eating lamb chops, green peppers, chard and artichoke thistle from this area in Los Monegros.

The truth is that Judith and her husband have had no problems of integration in England. And she describes British people as ‘friendly and dry witted.’

(Translated by Nigel Conibear – Diptrans IoLET MCIL – Pixabay Dec 4, 2017

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