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Irish people against the government: homes for all

This December, Dubliners will demonstrate to tackle the severe housing crisis Ireland is currently facing. Housing is not a privilege; everyone has the right to have a home.


Marcella Via


The most pressing issue in current Irish politics is the chronic lack of housing. According to The Journal, “strong increases in house prices and rents would continue as tens of thousands more houses needed to be completed annually to serve the existing market alone”.

Moreover, the Real Estate Alliance’s average house price index pointed out a sharp increase in the price of housing at a national level. For example, the price of a three-bed semi-detached home peaked at €229,000, 9% more than last year.

Apart from the increase in the price of housing, Ireland is also going through a severe supply deficit. Related to this issue, experts estimate that around 35,000 to 40,000 units are needed annually to meet the housing demand.

This housing deficit is affecting the population, as decent housing conditions have become a privilege that few can afford.

For this reason, several movements including the Dublin Renters’ Union, National Homeless & Housing Coalition, Dublin Tenants Association and People Before Profit are organizing the “National housing demonstration: tell the Government #HomesForAll”.

The demonstration has been called by the National Homeless and Housing Coalition.

They point out that a “huge momentum is building, and grass roots groups campaigning, providing front line services and advocating for action on the housing crisis are calling for water style demonstrations to put pressure on the government”. According to the Dublin Renters’ Union when “we refer to water style demonstrations we mean in terms of the scale of the marches”.

And the add: “There were many local and national demonstrations and thousands of people who marched to protest about the Government implementing water charges. Which was a charge on the water we use domestically and the people won and no charges were brought in due to people power. We need to build too similarly with the housing movement in terms of people pressure and massive demonstrations”.

The aim of the protest is for people to stop being ignored by the government and have their demands considered.

The press office has said “after October 3 we got a landlords budget and an abject failure to act on the Dail Eireann motion that called for radical action on the crisis, including an accelerated programme of public housing on public land, an additional 1bn euro funding in the budget for housing, an end to evictions from the private sector motivated by profit-making, a reduction in rents and to hold a referendum to enshrine the right to a home into the constitution”.

“National housing demonstration: tell the Government #HomesForAll” will take place on Saturday, 1 December at 2 pm at the Garden of Remembrance, An Gairdín Cuimhneacháin, Lichfield, Dublin. For further information, visit Facebook event.

(Photos: Facebook event and Pixabay)

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