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Argentina… G20 battleground

Must we let them to turn us into places of war? Of dangerous operations and alleged attacks, occupied by foreign forces for summits that never act in defence of justice, equality, sovereignty, the self-determination of the people, nor the right to a dignified life?


Stella Calloni


Days before the start of the G20 leaders’ summit, due to take place from 30th November to 1st December, residents of Buenos Aires and Argentina are living in a real state of unrest.

It is no coincidence that ‘attacks’ are suddenly happening, like the events of 14th November at Recoleta cemetery, in a residential area of the capital. An attack was supposedly carried out by a man and a woman, who was injured, alleged to belong to ‘anarchist’ groups.

Then, a home-made bomb at the house of judge Claudio Bonadío, specialist in fabricated charges and their use as a form of political persecution against former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, her family and former government officials.


The so-called case of the photocopied notebooks -whose originals have not materialised- is a juridical scandal. There is no court in the world that takes action on the basis of photocopies, the source of which it is impossible to verify.

We can add to this the dozens called to testify: businessmen and others, implicated by a former official’s chauffer. In the style of intelligence agents, he had used various notebooks to keep an ‘activity log’ -featuring serious irregularities regarding dates and other details- which were then ‘coincidently’ burned.

Moreover, amidst those being investigated, one is selected to be illegally detained as a preventive measure (in violation of legal regulations) if the detainee refuses to accuse the former president and people indicted without proof. This is political, media and judicial persecution of an unprecedented scale in national history.

Now we are witnessing the fiction of alleged terrorism. Anarchist groups have appeared from nowhere, those who in Europe and other countries around the world commit violent acts at these types of summits, to discredit and disarm the large and peaceful demonstrations of popular protest. Nations the world over know that in these elaborate meetings it is the people who inevitably lose out.

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Thus, counter-insurgency specialists have reported that these ‘anarchist groups’ are infiltrated, created by the intelligence services of various countries.

Just as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) did in other times, creating ‘secret armies’ to carry out false flag attacks and then accuse extreme left-wing groups, as documented by Swiss investigator Daniele Ganser (NATO’s Secret Armies, El Topo, Spain, 2005).

These false flag attacks are so old, they should no longer come as a surprise to anyone. In Argentina, as part of operations around the upcoming G20 summit, not only are alleged ‘anarchists’ detained but also young people with supposed ‘terrorist connections’.

Under the control of Israeli security forces, chosen to ‘look after the summit’ by Mauricio Macri’s government, the local Arab and Muslim communities have been targeted. Following an ‘anonymous’ call, the right-wing Argentine Delegation of Israeli Associations (DAIA) denounced two young brothers, who (like the anarchists) were not known to authorities, as presumed members of Hezbollah, the organisation that defends Lebanon from constant Israeli attack.

DAIA received an anonymous email, in which it was informed of the Saloman brothers’ activities and ‘sympathies’ towards the Lebanese so-called extremist group.

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Following details provided by DAIA, the house in the Floresta neighbourhood where young brothers Kevin Gamel and Axel Ezequiel Abraham Salomon lived was raided; the interior destroyed in the process and two ancient rifles discovered. The Ministry of Security, led by Patricia Bullrich and known to be under the command of Israeli security for this summit, mounted a Hollywood-esque operation.

The boys’ family told the press, through tears, that their children have no involvement. Yet the houses of close relatives continue to be searched, and the Arab community and Muslim sectors of the population -who coexist peacefully in this country- report that they are once again victims of persecution and threats and demand that the population be told the truth.

“In the midst of the local attacks that took place in Buenos Aires over the last few days and the detention of people linked to terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, the government began to ‘step up’ security coordination with intelligence agencies and presidential secret service officials of at least seven countries,” reported Infobae.

The media outlet also stated that Interpol’s ‘I-24/7’ system is in force, as Interpol’s ‘24 hours a day 7 days a week agreement’ is known. This implies that there is direct coordination and data exchange between Argentina’s migration authorities and Interpol’s central office in Lyon, to detect the possible entry of suspects into Argentina.

Photo: Pixabay

“Interpol has already sent a list to intelligence agencies in various countries, with information on people linked to other incidents at G20 summits,” an official from the Directorate for Migration told Infobae.
All information is shared with the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI), “in order to carry out monitoring of suspected terrorist groups.”

It is important to remember that in Argentina’s recent past, unarmed Mapuche communities, as well as protestors taking part in the constant national demonstrations, have been accused of being ’terrorists’, which inflames the situation. Furthermore, “the Directorate for Migration has now strengthened its information agreement with the USA and Great Britain, to detect people or groups linked to radicalised sectors.”

Who will be caught in this network? Will it also be groups standing in solidarity with the people whose countries have been invaded, occupied and bombed by NATO, in other words, the major powers…?

Similarly, the already outdated supervision scheme at the so-called triple border between Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil returns. It is not clear why, as the only thing registered in this place is fierce persecution against traders of Arab origin.

Photo: Pixabay

According to Infobae, Israel’s collaboration is permanent, as although it is not part of the G20, Argentina needs its intelligence services to maintain a permanent collaboration and data exchange.

With the arrival of the intelligence services and thousands of foreign troops, our country finds itself trapped in a war scenario. As does Uruguay, where trade unionist, political and social sectors are refusing authorisation for the arrival of three warships off the coast of Montevideo, under the pretext of the G20 meeting in Argentina.

Must we let them to turn us into places of war? Of dangerous operations and alleged attacks, occupied by foreign forces for summits that never act in defence of justice, equality, sovereignty, the self-determination of the people, nor the right to a dignified life? At these summits, it is only the interests of the powerful that are discussed, while our peoples are increasingly condemned to exclusion and slavery.

In such cases, silence is complicity, when millions have neither voice nor defence and populations are increasingly being controlled. As in our society, which is suffering a deep-seated social crisis due to the progress of neo-colonial or colonial projects, which form part of our heritage of hegemonic power.

We should say enough of these circuses, for the world’s richest, whose wealth comes from plundering our people, from controlling, in the 21st Century, all of our riches, and from condemning millions of residents to the most scandalous poverty, hunger and destitution in the world. Saying enough cannot be overemphasised.  Defending ourselves is also our right to life. (PL)

(Translated by Rebecca Ndhlovu – Email:

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