Looking Back on the Football World Cup 2018

A vibrant ootball summer is behind us, so now that we’re cool-headed again, we can look back at what went on. The World Cup 2018, hosted by Russia, has beaten the previous ones in all aspects, and we were lucky to enjoy it. Let’s see the most important elements regarding the top 16 teams that entered the final stage of the Cup.

In the last stage of the World Cup, the majority of teams were from Europe. Namely, we had a chance to enjoy the football masters coming from Spain, France, Croatia, Russia, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland, and England. Thanks to Uruguay, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil, we had a chance to indulge in South America’s glamorous playing style. Mexico, of course, was more than a decent representative of the North American football style, whereas Japan proudly represented the Asian continent.

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Each match of the final phase was interesting and vibrant in its own way, but as usual, the final match was the one to remember. Even though France defeated Croatia in the finals, none of its players won an individual trophy in the “Best of the Best” category, while three of those players were from Croatia. This clearly confirms the well-known fact that in football, it’s all about the team.

While we’re waiting for World Cup 2022, nothing is left for us but to remember a lot of nice moments from Russia. Speaking of which, the team behind prepared a cool infographic about the best 16 teams from the 2018 Cup, so check it out here and enjoy!



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