Moving to London to Study: Where Should You Stay?


Did you know that just last year, London was voted the best university city in the world! If you studied in London or have simply visited this great city, then you will easily be able to see why it is so incredibly popular amongst students and why it was voted as the best university city.

In London, there are a whopping 40 higher education institutes and 14 of these are some of the most highly regarded in the world.

However, London is a huge city and with so many different educational institutions to choose from, it can be difficult to know where you should stay as a student. The student accommodation London has to offer is great and here we are taking you through the different student areas in London so you can choose the right area for you.


One of the most popular student hubs in London is Bloomsbury and this is mainly due to the number of great education institutions nearby such as the University of London and UCL. Camden is also nearby and is the ultimate night time spot for students to go party and let their hair down.

Camberwell, Peckham and Newcross

In South London, there are plenty of great areas that are very popular amongst students including Peckham, Newcross and Camberwell. The main reason for students staying here is that it is in the arty belt and the further east you travel, the hippier it gets. Here, you will find creative hubs including Camberwell College of the Arts and South London Gallery. Kings College is located here too where the medical students attend. Peckham is another up and coming area where you can enjoy cheaper rent, ice houses and brilliant night life, making it the ideal hub for students. In New Cross, you can find lots of trendy student accommodation and an arty belt that is filled with amazing restaurants and cheap bars. It really is a student’s paradise! For student accommodation, you can discover Collegiate London here which is a very popular choice amongst students. It offers fully equipped accommodation with free broadband and wi-fi. The rents are all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs, plus you will feel safe and secure with the on-site management team.


Another very popular student area in London is Holloway which is home to the band of the same name. From here, there are lots of great links into the centre of London for LSE and KCL campuses, plus UCL and SOA’s Pentonville campus. Holloway is essentially split up into three different parts which includes Lower Holloway. In Lower Holloway you will find a range of gorgeous cafes, gardens and shops that are perfect for students to enjoy. This area is also home to the London Met, which is another reason why it is very popular amongst students.


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