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Happy 2019, a year for freedom and equality

2018 is ending and, as at every time when something ends and opens the door to something new, it is time to thank all of you who have, in one way or another taken part in the journey of The Prisma.


The Prisma thanks our readers for their loyalty and gratitude, for telling us that the work we are doing in the service of ethical and independent journalism is necessary and important, for immigrants themselves and for people in general in the UK.

The thousands of messages of support encouraging us to continue, and thanking us for our work, especially from those who are arriving in the UK as immigrants, all contribute to strengthening our existence and they confirm that we are unique in the work we do.

Indeed, the facts make it clear, we are pioneers in being the only multicultural and completely bilingual (English and Spanish) newspaper in the UK. We are a paper where Latin America is not simply treated in terms of news from that continent, but where the concerns of Latin-American and other immigrants to the UK are featured.

So, going beyond the very vital focus on immigrants’ issues, our content is contributing to political and cultural debate, both in the UK and in Latin America, as well as in the rest of the EU and the Middle East.

This work is possible thanks to a multicultural team, of various ages, professions and experience, who with their passion and professionalism make The Prisma possible: journalists, translators, proof-readers, editors, and all those who collaborate with us in one way or another. They believe in what we are, and in the importance of ensuring that The Prisma continues. It is not easy, because everyone, without exception gives their work as a volunteer, but maybe just because of this we love and are committed to the work we do.

In the nearly nine years of our existence, we have succeeded in demonstrating that it is possible to do ethical and independent journalism, without the need to depend on a framework of publicity, or on economic support that requires information to be manipulated. Of course, it’s difficult, very difficult at times, but we hope that our unchanging task of supporting independent and ethical journalism, freedom, human rights, and the search for an inclusive, respectful multicultural society can continue.

We believe in our readers and in all those who decide to support The Prisma. Journalism in the service of migrants must continue.

And although it is true that the balance of events in 2018 in the UK, in Latin America and in other countries around the world, is not very inspiring, nothing stops us from saying to everyone – readers and  The Prisma team: “Thank you very much for your contributions in 2018!”

And for 2019 we send our best wishes to everyone, and our promise to continue, to persist and do what we can to contribute to freedom and equality.

And while 2019 is beginning, we invite you all to read this special edition, and the next two special editions which will follow. (Photos: Pixabay)

Mónica del Pilar Uribe Marín

Director & Editor-In-Chief


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