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The yellow vests bring their non-violent action to the UK

In May 2018 this revolutionary group was born in France encouraging people around the world to fight inequality and injustice. This type of activism has worked resulting in Macron making concessions. Now the original initiative has landed in England and a non-violent direct action will take place in Manchester on February.


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Nathan Raia


One of the factors that brought the rise of the French movement was a petition posted online, against the plan to increase tax on fuel that reached 300,000 signatures. And on November 17 last year, in different French cities, on-street demonstrations began.

They wear a yellow vest, which became their symbol, as a result of a law, which requires all motorists to have a high-visibility vest while driving. As a consequence, it became easy to find, quite cheap and very recognisable. This movement has been able to bring together people from different political alignments, giving them the opportunity to fight for the same values. And now it is in England because some people think it can work for them.

Because of this, a “Yellow Vest Protest – Manchester BBC, Media City. NVDA” has been organised to make a number of  both short- and long-term demands .

Photo: Pixabay

The organisers of the demonstration, The UK Revolutionary Yellow Vest Protesters, have a list of urgent demands.. For instance: a Finland style solution to homelessness, a £10 minimum wage, an end to austerity,  abolition of universal credit, an immediate ban on zero-hour contracts, and a reversal of the privatisation of the NHS, a ban on fracking, closing of tax loopholes, an end to benefit sanctions, action on the climate crisis, a reinstating of legal aid for the poor, action to bring back all deported members of the Windrush generation to the UK, an end to the systematic punishment and harassment of the disabled through disability assessments, and the scrapping of the bedroom tax, among others.

And some of their long-term demands include: abolition of the house of lords, the monarchy and all titles, a commitment to build more social housing, repeal of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, democratisation of the media, lifting the ban on right to work for asylum seekers, closing all migration detention centres, and a universal basic income, among others.

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The UK Revolutionary Yellow Vest Protesters is calling on everyone to join the movement and added: “Even if you don’t agree with some of our demands, we would still like to welcome you to our organisation. Because as part of our organisation you will have your voice heard and our demands could be amended and changed”.

Date and place:  Saturday 16 February 2019 from 12 pm. to 4 pm. at the BBC MediaCityUK in Quay House, Media City, Manchester, United Kingdom. For further information, visit the Facebook event page.

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