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Pros and Cons of Prom Culture in High School


Tiverton high school. THS Prom 2015-103 Photo: Flickr

Prom is a very popular dance among teenagers. This iconic dance was introduced to high schools by Americans. Many people wonder if prom worth as much attention as given to it.

For some students, this dance is worth spending time and money on, while according to the second school of thought it is just wastage and exaggeration of a below average activity.

In this article, we are going to share with you the pros and cons of prom parties and dances so that you can decide which group you would like to advocate.


Fun Experience

It is an excellent source of fun for students at the end of their session. They can get together with their seniors and dance the whole night. It is the time that is all about relaxation and fun. You can simply sit back and remove all tensions from your head, for one night at least.

Take Photos for Memory

This is the night of fun and chilling, so you can also collect memory to recall later on in life. You can act as silly as you want and be real with your genuine friends. So, a great chance to add a memorable day in your life.

Chance to Dress up

Well, every girl and boy like to dress up good and threat themselves in a way that they want. So, prom night is one such amazing chance that they get to express themselves and get happy by doing whatever they like to do for themselves.

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Expensive Tickets and Dresses

Well, you can never have fun free of cost, and for prom night, students have to spend money on costly tickets and also on prom dresses.

It becomes difficult for those students at such times who have to pay their expenses on their own.

Not as Big Deal as Exaggerated

Many people are of the view that the girls who make long prom dresses and the boys who buy expensive three piece dresses for this prom night, is not worth the money. Also, the whole night is spent on useless stuff which according to them can be utilized for something better.

May Not Have A Date

Many students are of the view that prom nights are supposed to be like having a date with your crush or your boyfriend. However, in reality, there is no such concept behind it. So, those who feel down by thinking that they did not have a date on this night, should calm down and have tension free time.


Well, the conclusion is that the prom nights have its pros and cons both. It is recommended that a person must follow his or her heart while deciding it. If you want fun and have money to spend on it, then go ahead. If not, then not going to this party does not make any difference in your life. So, just sit back, relax, think deeply about it and then follow your heart decisions.


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