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“Quantum betrayal”

Fifty minutes in length, this documentary exposes the betrayals, traitors, motives and aims that, beginning in May 2017, characterised the way in which some have sought to end the citizens’ revolution in Ecuador. Its premiere in London is this Saturday, February 23.


“Directed by Chilean journalist Patricio Mery Bell and collectively financed this Chilean film, seeks to publicise the clandestine hostility expressed by a group of individuals over many years towards the Citizens’ Revolution the aim of which was to bring about its destruction and the persecution of its leaders. ”

This is how Alex Molina, spokesman for Citizens’ Revolution United Kingdom, a group that is organising the screening, explains it. “There can never ever be a repeat of this anywhere in Ecuador,” he says.

For his part, in an interview with newspaper El País, Mery Bell explained that “Quantum betrayal” focuses on the coolness the current Ecuadorian president “began to express, ever more explicitly, from the moment his predecessor, Rafael Correa, handed the presidential sash over to him in May 2017. ”

By way of searching interviews with Rafael Correa (former president of Ecuador), Jorge Glas (former vice-president, now in prison), Chilean deputy Hugo Gutiérrez and former Ecuadorian parliamentarian Sofía Espín, among others, the film gives a visual compilation of witness accounts needed to understand what is happening in this Latin American country.

According to the organizers of the event, “this documentary deals with Moreno’s betrayal of Rafael Correa, the party’s activists and the people. Moreno would not have come to power if he had not had the support of the former president and his political party, Citizens’ Revolution. The film shows Moreno’s political inconsistencies before and after winning the elections, as well as the secret talks with the United States when Moreno was vice president in Rafael Correa’s first term and the secret activities of other officials who were in Correa’s circle. ”

Rafael Correa Photo Wikimedia Commons

The documentary will be presented by Patricio Mery Bell, on Saturday, February 23. Time: 5 pm to 9 pm. Address: 47 Cumberland Street, SW1V 4LY, London, United Kingdom. Place: The Church of the Holy Apostles.

For more information contact Esperanza Cevallos. Email: Tel: 07958443778.

(Translated by Nigel Conibear)

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