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Sofia Buchuck and a night of healing music

Music, mime artist, puppeteer and ancient instruments from Latin America. Those are just some of the ingredients for a magic nocturnal that celebrates the cultures of  Latin American, its languages and sounds.


Nathan Raia


Originally from Cusco Peru, Sofia Buchuck is the only Quechua singer based in the United Kingdom who also plays Andean and Amazonian instruments with a group of professional musicians across folk and world music festivals.

After what she calls “a strong transformativ impact in Peru”, she is bringing her medicine music and Icaros: Heart portal to the cosmos, “walking in community” with Ayni Andean. The musicians are Wilfredo Avalos, Santiago Horna, Jamit Horna and Vicky Céspedes.

The album will be launched during the “Cacao medicine music concert with Sofia Buchuck” which according to the organisers, “will also show the most beautiful ending of a medicine and Icaro singing circle and students will share songs and collective signing to mother earth”.

On that magical night, Sofia and the other musicians will be supported by Aho (a community of shamans, energetic healers and medicine musicians) and will have a special guest, Jose Navarro, a Peruvian mime artist and puppeteer.

According to Aho, it “blends perfectly well to connect to the medicines of Songs and Icaros from South America. Cacao from Cusco, in the Peruvian basin rainforest brings powerful healing for the heart, to overcome experiences of sadness and depression, as this medicine will be especially combined with medicine plants such as Bobinsana, English Rose, and other mixtures of delicious sacred medicinal plants which go deep in to forgiving, releasing, bring a strong sense of compassion and finally embrace sacred divine love and togetherness”.

Sofia Buchuck’s new CD was recorded in Lima, Peru by international musician and director Chano Diaz Limaco, who also directed the film Sigo Siendo. The CD, according to Aho, is an invitation to the path of medicines and the spirits of plants. It also aims to celebrate the cultures of Latin America, their languages and sounds.

And this new album has a tribal influence, to honour the South American indigenous culture, which is still alive. It uses ancient instruments such as pre-Colombian panpipes, flutes, ocarinas and rhythms of the Tahuantinsuyo. The majority of the songs are by Sofia Buchuck, but it also includes tracks of well known Peruvian maestros such as Shipibo Conibo, Icaros, Shwar, and Quechua and Aymara songs.

Date and place: Friday, 8 March 2019 from 7 pm. to 10 pm. at 13 Prince Edward Rd, E9 5LX London, United Kingdom. For further information, visit the Facebook event page.

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