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USA vs Venezuela: the moral lessons of a warmonger (1)

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, finally dared to say where his country’s project concerning us, Latin America, is going.


Stella Calloni


The ”Cold War” has undoubtedly returned to our region, applying a rare mixture of the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 – namely, securing the absolute dominion of ”Our America” for (North) Americans – and ”exterminating socialism” and all popular governments while finishing off with the States forming something like its great “colonial space” of the 21st century.

In an uneducated, voracious and brutal entrepreneur-cum-cowboy combination, Trump was accompanied by mafia bosses, real terrorists disguised as representatives in the United States Congress, fascists and Zionists, dazzled by the hedonism of absolute power and total control they always dreamed of, from the Manifest Destiny to dominating a world that God (supposedly) gave to them to ‘democratise’, in their judgement of colonial democracies, according to the theology of decadent capitalism.

In his speech in Miami he took over his role as master of the world, warning the officers of the Venezuelan armed forces that if they continue to support the government of Nicolás Maduro, they will “lose everything” since we know “who they are, and we know where they keep the billions of dollars that were stolen. If they choose Maduro they will not find refuge.”

The real ‘humanitarian aid’ offered by the US president is a stark confirmation of his mafia rhetoric: either you surrender and hand over your country to me or I crush you.

And his humanitarian language can be translated as: “I will steal billions of dollars which could feed everyone in Venezuela from you, I will destroy your economy, deplete your resources, lower the price of oil to its minimum, order the sabotage of your industries, refineries, electricity networks, whatever, I will confiscate your property, I will keep what I had to pay you and much more.

And what’s more, I will order that ships carrying medications will not reach Venezuelan ports, I will fine anyone who wants to sell you food, medicines and other goods. But since I’m good, I will send you ‘humanitarian aid’, a few little money, some bags, ‘humanitarian aid’ such as was sent to Libya – after destroying everything and killing more than ten percent of the population.

As I am good, I will send you 20 million dollars in food boxes, and as I have to take care of the messenger, I will send you some special troops following behind, or, on the other hand, I will distract the world with this, and send you the invasion. Do you see how good, generous and charitable the empire is?

This is Trump, a caveman without the innocence of the true caveman, who says he is offering a “saving hand” to those who would betray their country, their people and their own convictions, although in reality we all know that that hand is a claw. It was incredible, such a mediocre speech, so childish – that of a perverse child – warning that the patriotic soldiers of the Bolivarian forces risk their futures and that of the country for a bad-bad man, for a Maduro “controlled by the Cuban military and protected by a private army of Cuban soldiers”, because, according to his advisers, President Maduro is a poor ‘Cuban puppet’.

While making this threat, he continued to remind us that his government is as pacifist as that of his predecessors… Who have invaded, killed, lied, tortured and destroyed entire countries and peoples, without mercy, producing the first genocides of the 21st century and all of those of the past.

He speaks to us all, because today all decent Latin Americans are Venezuela. He speaks to us as if we were idiotic, brainwashed, a goal for which his experts in ‘control of hearts and minds’ have worked for all these years and have partially achieved.

Luckily, we are not all so much for sale, or so susceptible to threats, or brainwashing, to believe that precisely you, the United States, will save Venezuela and support a ‘peaceful transition’.

The United States loves these ‘peaceful transitions’, a very special euphemism for the moment when they appropriate a country, after invading it, through the most diverse strategies they use, treading over corpses, as they did in Iraq, where they announced that ‘democracy’ had arrived.

Of course, that happened after the invasion, the brutal destruction, the disappearance of historical memory and the traces of the history of the civilisation they destroyed.

‘Democracy’, as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Syria, Indonesia etc, etc. The list is so long if we go back to the late nineteenth century, the entire twentieth century and what is happening in this century, which would not fit in a note

Imagine that Maduro is so ‘bad’ that he refuses to accept vital aid. Aid like that they took to Haiti? Or like Agent Orange bombs planted in Vietnam?

The ‘dictator Maduro’ is even more terrible than the friends of the United States: the Somozas, Pinochet, Videla, Batista, the Shah of Iran… Remember what one of your presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, said about Somoza: “Yes, he’s a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch,” which was repeated by none other than Henry Kissinger when he referred to the second Somoza of the dynasty, also a dictator. And you have supposedly invented democracy.

The great philosophers of the world would never have been philosophers if they had known ‘the life of prosperity’ of the American people (of the United States of America), the cathedrals of consumption, the philosophy of absolute emptiness, the terror inflicted to ‘achieve good’, according to their principles to ‘save humanity from the bad guys’ which they must hang, burn on a pyre, and disappear into the night and fog, as Nazism did. (PL)

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(Translated by Hannah Phelvin – Email: – Photos: Pixabay

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