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A festival of socialist ideas

Racism, sexism, discrimination, global warming and wars, those are just a few of the global crises that our society has to deal with. How can this change?  Answers are not on the table, but they can always be discussed and debated in this traditional event that will take place On July 4th. In London.


As the organisers say, Marxism 2019 is a festival of socialist ideas including debates, workshops, culture, music, and much more.
Capitalism is in crisis. Society is rapidly polarising between Left and Right, and this yearly meeting “is the place to debate how we can beat back the rise of racism, fascism & the far right. But thousands of people around the world will also be discussing the alternative to the chaos of the current system”.

This year, as in 2018, the festival will include sessions, which give an opportunity to students, academics and activists to meet together to discuss and debate the fight for a better world.

They are again planning to have some of the remarkable speakers they have had in the past few years.

Some of them were: Diane Abbott MP, Tariq Ali, Gareth Peirce, Moazzam Begg, Darcus Howe, Ilan Pappé, Sheila Coleman, Michael Roberts, John Bellamy Foster, Stathis Kouvelakis, Maz Saleem, John Pilger, Ronnie Kasrils, Alex Callinicos, Louise Raw, Dave Ward, Janet Alder, Alan Gibbons and many more, who brought their ideas and experiences into the discussions.

In 2019 the topics and the highlights for the debates include: “Socialism 101: ideas to change the world”, “Resisting racism, fascism & the far right”, “Corbyn, Labour and the fight for socialism”, “System change not climate change”, “#MeToo: challenging sexism and the system”, “War, imperialism, the Middle East and Palestine”, “Marxism, trans politics and the fight for LGBT+ liberation”, and “Donald Trump, the US and resistance”, among others.

Date and place: Thursday, 4 July 2019 at 12:30 am. – Sunday, 7 July at 6 pm. London, United Kingdom. For further information, visit the Marxismfestival and  Facebook page event.

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