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UN Anti-racism Day marches

The world of the 21st century has to deal with a crisis of democracy and a loss of values. In response to that, the Right is presenting as a solution, an answer filled with hate and racism. History repeats itself, but today there are people fighting back.


Nathan Raia


Since 2010, around the globe, there has been a widespread rise in the power of right-wing parties. In that year Viktor Orban won the elections in Hungary, Narendra Modi’s Hindu Janatha Party, in 2014 arrived in power in India. The Philippines, U.S.A., Germany, Austria, Italy and Brazil are just some other countries that have turned to the right.

People are tired of constant economic, political and social problems. For example, in the UK the number of homeless people has doubled since 2010. Over a million older people are living without social care, without access to basic needs such as food, clothing and washing.

So, now, they see the Right as their saviour, which identifies, minorities and weaker social groups as the cause of their troubles. Giving people a real and tangible enemy to fight, instead of an abstract bureaucratic issue that no one can see.

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In Britain, where this social issue is constantly increasing, the far-right street movement is trying to take advantage of the political crisis, by blaming migrants, refugees and the Muslim community.

Hate crimes have increased a lot in the past few years in the country. Crimes committed against the Black and Islamic communities. For example, in London, on public transport, this is becoming very frequent. British Transport Police started an investigation after a couple of young people were filmed being subjected of racist abuse, while travelling on a train in east London.

In Newcastle, at the beginning of 2019, an Islamic school was subject of vandalism, where anti-Muslim graffiti were drawn on the walls and copies of Qur’an were thrown on the floor.

Now, to speak out against this, Stand Up To Racism and Love Music HateRacism, will host the UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration, and according to them “The threat is huge, but together we can turn the tide. This UN anti-racism day we need the biggest, broadest international display of opposition to racism and fascism we have ever seen”.

Moreover, the organizers stated “The Windrush scandal has shown the inhumanity of this government’s ‘hostile environment’. Detention and deportations are destroying the lives of people that are part of the fabric of our society, and thousands of refugees remain stranded in Northern France”. And “A wave of Islamophobic hate crime is continuing to grow, with Muslim women at the sharp end. And there has been a major resurgence of antisemitism”.

So, they are launching the hashtag: #NoRacismNoFascism.

The UN Anti-Racism Day Demonstration will take place in London, Glasgow and Cardiff, in many other European countries and in North and South America. All over the world people will march together asking for equality and justice, saying no to racism and fascism.

Date and place: Saturday, 16 March 2019 at 12 noon at Park Lane W1K 1QA, London, United Kingdom. For further information, visit Stand Up To Racism or the Facebook event page.

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