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Have you heard of Trap Andino? This is ‘Latino’, Lucho Pai’s evolution of Trap

Trap is everywhere. Artists from Chile and around the world have made this genre the most streamed across online platforms.


Photos & text: EL CIUDADANO


So it’s time then to discover Trap Andino thanks to Lucho Pai, who has just released his new music video for the song “Latino”, filmed in San Pedro de Atacama.

Why mix styles that seem so different? Lucho Pai explains, “I like Trap, it’s a very versatile genre that allows for many musical possibilities. I had a feeling that if it were fused with Andean music, the result could be fascinating. I played folk music in lakita troupes and marching folk bands for years which is why it seemed like a good idea to throw in my two cents in the search for a cutting-edge Chilean style within Trap.”

In the colourful video directed by Pedro Rufin and shot in the Atacama Desert, Lucho Pai appears in front of arid landscapes belting out slang terms from various Latin American countries. “’Latino’ is our way of being, how we all are who live in this amazing land, it’s our upbeat and affectionate way of relating to each other and coexisting, and it goes way beyond skin colour or accent,” declares the musician.

To create his Andean Trap, Lucho Pai himself played the quenas (traditional flute of the Andes), charangos (small stringed instrument) and zampoñas (pan pipes) and opted against excessively processing the vocals. The musician is a big fan of the genre and even has his favourites: “On the Chilean Trap scene I really admire Ceaese and Gianluca, especially Ceaese because I think he’s an authentic and genuine artist. From abroad, Bad Bunny’s identity and production values seem really interesting as a reference point in the genre.”

With experience on rock and folk projects, Benjamín Verdugo broke onto the urban scene under the name “Lucho Pai”. Milking his sense of humour and provocative streak, he has created a name for himself on the scene and also across social media where he shares funny and creative videos with a community of more than ten thousand followers on Instagram. His next show is set for 18 April in the Bar La Florería (Santa Filomena 132, on the corner of Bombero Nuñez, Santiago de Chile).

Published in EL CIUDADANO

(Translated by Elizabeth Dann – Email:

Published in EL CIUDADANO

(Translated by Elizabeth Dann – Email:

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