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How do we fight Fascism today?

Today the United Kingdom is still dealing with the issues caused by the 2008 economic crisis. The capitalist system has not been able to provide a valid solution, but there are people willing to find a socialist alternative. A meeting on this topic will take place on 6 April.


Nathan Raia


Ten years on from the economic crisis, and working class people continue to suffer under vicious austerity and cuts to their services.  And people continue to pay for the crisis of the capitalist system.

And this is happening because “the Tories and Blairites have returned to the old tactics of divide and rule, whipping up anti-migrant and racist ideas, attempting to cause division in working-class communities and escape the blame for growing poverty, inequality and cuts”.

The treatment of the ‘Windrush Generation’ who have suffered racist abuse, benefit sanctions, sackings and deportations “has exposed the Tories’ rotten and racist “hostile environment” immigration policy.

“Groups such as the Democratic Football Lads Alliance have been able to mobilise 15,000 people on ‘Free Tommy’ demonstrations.”

This illustrates how fascism is on the rise again and not only in Europe but also in Latin America. That’s why, for instance, a far-right populist from a military background, Jain Bolsonaro, won the presidential elections in Brazil, which has understandably caused concern.
But it’s also true tha

Photo Zeitfixierer. Nazi-Aufmarsch und Gegendemo 10. Flickr.

t there has also been a growth in support for left wing and socialist ideas in the United States. Of course, Donal Trump was quick to respond that the US “would never be a socialist country.”

Some, like the Socialist party, say that “in the belly of the beast of capitalism there is a thirst for a socialist alternative.”

With this in mind the next meeting of “Activists with ideas”, hosted by the Socialist Party, will discuss “Fascism: what it is and how to fight it”.

The topic is based on the book of the same name by Trotsky, in which he carefully analysed how fascism came to power and why the working class was the only force in society capable of defeating it.

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The meeting is being hosted by the London Socialist Party and Socialist Students, because “it is imperative that socialists discuss how any possible growth of the far-right can be fought.”

The question for the organisers of the event is whether the working class will be able to put their stamp on the politics of tomorrow and prevent the rise of the far-right.

They also plan to discuss whether “it is necessary to link the fight against racism and fascism with the fight for a socialist alternative to the capitalist system?”

Date and place: Saturday, 6 April 2019 from 3 pm. to 6 pm. at the Indian YMCA 41 Fitzroy Square, W1T 6AQ London, United Kingdom. For further information, visit the London Socialist Party website or the Facebook event page.

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