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In Latin America the rejection of authoritarianism is coming to a boil

In Chile, right-wing governors of the ‘new wave’ have come together with the clear objective to create a forum for the progression and development of Latin America. Why have the organisers hidden the true intentions of this initiative? Let’s look at its origin.


Sebastián Piñera – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Manuel Cabieses Donoso*


The Colombian Iván Duque announced Prosur in January and immediately hooked a sleep-walker of international politics which is the Chilean Sebastián Piñera.

The Duque-Piñera duo organised the show in Cúcuta in February and now they present this farce, Prosur, in Santiago.

Both presidents are en-route to transforming into professional performance artists which serves as a smoke screen to the violence against Venezuela. Enough of the Prosur organisers, to find out where this forum is headed we need to investigate who support this ‘forum.’ They are the real pro-USA supporters.

Ivan Duque. Inter-American Dialogue. Flickr

The Brazilian Bolsonaro, who has been hailed as the Sergeant-at-arms for Trump, the Argentinian, Macri -hounded by social protest and debt with the IMF-; the Paraguayan (Mario) Abdo, who tried without success, to rear his head in every anti-Venezuelan meeting; the Peruvian Vizcara- who suffered from lack of support from his government; and the Ecuadorian (Lenin) Moreno, whose versatile trajectory places him like Judas Almagro, the most treacherous of traitors in the history of Latin America.

They are almost the same governments that participated in the Lima group, a mechanism that didn’t rest until it had strangled the Bolivian revolution. From this point of view, Prosur is a useless agency, superfluous, pointless, given that its purpose is to serve Trump’s designs, that are already covered by the OAS and financial organisms such as the Inter-American Development Bank.

Photo: Pixabay

In search for an international presence that the geo-political reality denies, Piñera forces himself to succeed in the eyes of the United States.

To commit more to this project to establish in Chile a prolonged period of liberal right governments.

The repression of the Mapuche people, the police threat towards the youth, misogynist politics, the denial of migrant rights, discrimination in education and health and an exterior politics devoid of independence and dignity, inclined more each time, towards the Piñera model and the Brazilian and Colombian regimes.

This oligarchical model, repressive and authoritarian doesn’t have a future in Latin America. The current situation of reactionary hegemony is a parenthesis of our history.

Photo: Marcella Via

The social tendency that boils under the neo-liberal skin is the rejection of authoritarianism and the injustice in all its expressions. The anti-capitalist Left is going to reformulate its efforts beneath new paradigms to impede that the people are tricked again by electoral farces.

An eloquent expression of discontent that arose in the depths of the Chilean society was the impressive female movement called for by the Feminist Coordinator 8M. (PL)

*Director of the magazine Punto Final

(Traducido por Carol M Byrne)



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