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“Masha and the bear”, Russian humour is a hit that broke the Guinness records

Moscow. This animated phenomenon crosses the Russian borders, to triumph with noble stories and fun ideas in a space of 45 thousand million hits on Youtube.


Antonio Rondón


The most successful cartoon series in the artistic history of this nation, set in the solid base of the Soviet school of animation, has various titles to demonstrate this, like the Guinness record for audience figures in Youtube.

In this way, the episode “Masha’s Porridge” was seen on three and a half thousand million of occasions on Youtube, in order to receive the aforementioned Guinness Record.

Although its creators estimate that this figure now excedes  five thousand million.

The Russian series from the private Animaccord Group studios is a personal (artistic) creation of Oleg Kuzovkov, who, according to the producer Dmitry Loveyko, looked for sponsors in 2008, to bring eight episodes made for the screen of “Masha and the bear”.

“Together with an old friend, Kuzovkov, he found me and he made me withdraw from a proposal to direct an airport and join him for a new animation business as an administrator and sales manager”, recounts Leveyko.

A visit to the Animaccord studios, located in a zone adjacent to the television studios of the Ostankino tower and the resuscitated Soyuzmultfilm, is sufficient to understand the determination of their small collective to bring a quality product to the market.

Loveyko recounts that from the first moment Kuzovkov wanted to express his stories in a 3D format, to initiate the project with the maximum quality possible at this time, although in Russia there were few specialists to undertake this work.

However, the investors risked themselves to try out the success of “Masha and the Bear”. In the first year they made two episodes, in the second three and the figure grew until it got to 20.

At this time “Masha and the Bear” has 78 episodes, divided into three seasons, with editions in at least 36 languages and broadcast in over one hundred countries. But in Latin America, the most famous Russian animation in history has a wide audience with at least three countries with subsidiaries of Animaccord: Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

“In Latin America, one of the most successful continents in developing our brand, everything began in 2014 when we started to sign the first agreements for the television”, explains Vladimir Gorbulya to the Latin Press.

During this effort, they formed commercial relationships with the Turner company in Latin America, although in this region Discovery Kids also operates.

Turner actively develops the channel Boomerang, which is where Masha is the driving force behind the entertainment plan for the auditorium”, he confirms.

“In the big markets like Mexico and Brazil, they also broadcast us on the local channels which are Televisa and SBT” explains Gorbulya when speaking about Animaccord’s operations.

Masha and the bear’s soul

The idea of creating a new pair of clowns, in an indirect presentation of the parents (the bear) and children (Masha) was something that changed with time”, confesses Loveyko, who remembers that in the beginning Masha was a disobedient child with a squint.

But the reaction of the audience to the screening of the first series led to a change in this image.

“In the creation of the duo in the series, it took into account that if the characters were a real adult and child, it would be very ambiguous, because it is improper that a minor makes fun of an adult or that an adult does the same to a child”, discusses Loveyko.

For Gorbulya, the conception of the series is based in the relationship between a child and the  father, wherein the bear plays the role of the father, and Masha plays the role of the child with an absolutely understandable humour, even without translation, for any parent. The series carries classic understandable values for any parent, without abuse, violence, sex or incorrect language, it is a healthy approach to make you laugh, he admits.

The executive director of Animaccord said that 2019 is the year of the conquest of the Asian market, especially, China and Japan, as the series won the “Kidscreen Award” in 2015 for the best animation in the Creative Talent forum.

The Russian Youtube channel has 20 million subscribers, the second is the Portuguese, which is made up of 80% from Brazil, with six million and the third is the Spanish with 5.3 million, of which 80% is Latin America, affirms Gorbulya.

At the moment, they are working on the episodes for the fourth season “Masha’s songs”. (PL)

(Translated by Carol M Byrne ) – Photos: Prensa Latina

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