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National demonstration for Palestine

A humanitarian crisis is still ongoing in Gaza, where people from different origins are dying every day. Various organisations tried to stop this bloodshed without tangible results, but they are not giving up.  Saturday, 11 May.


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Nathan Raia


After the Holocaust during World war II, more and more Jewish people felt the need to finally obtain their own country. So, they have been given a slice of Palestinian land. Land that they considered to be their original home.

This fact, instead of bringing peace and harmony, in addition to the different culture and religion present in the two countries, in 1948, was the cause of a new devastating war for the control of the land.

Nowadays, the conflict is still on for the jurisdiction on the Gaza Strip. In order to solve these hostilities between the countries, two main solutions have been proposed, a “one-state solution” which would merge Israel and Palestine in one big country or a “two-state solution” which would equally share the lands between them. Giving to Palestine the Gaza strip and most of the West Bank and the rest to Israel.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy. The countries struggle to find a deal which would satisfy both sides and Israel continues to oppress Palestine.

On Tuesday, 19 of March, during two different episodes, three Palestinian people were killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

Moreover, another two Palestinian men were shot dead by Israeli militia during the weekly Friday protest in Gaza, while at least 62 were wounded. On three different occasions, medical personnel and ambulances were one of the main targets of Israeli tear gas.

Despite an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire announced on Monday, 25th March. In the early morning of that day, a rocket fired from the Gaza strip hit a building in Israel, leaving seven people wounded.

Two days later the Israeli army launched a strike on Gaza hitting various Hamas targets, which they believed were responsible for the previous attack. Within four hours from the beginning of the attack at least 10 rockets were fired toward Israel.

Thus, this civil war is still ongoing, with an increasing number of deaths on both sides. Hence, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Stop the War Coalition, Palestinian Forum in Britain, Friends of Al- Aqsa and Muslim Association of Britain are organising a “National demonstration for Palestine in London”.

According to the organisers “The Palestinian people need our solidarity more than ever and are calling for global protests to protect their collective rights.

As Israel continues to flout international law and violate human rights, there is a responsibility on the global community to hold it to account and push for an end to the oppression of the Palestinian people”.

Date and place: Saturday, 11 May 2019 from 12 pm. to 4 pm. at Portland Place, London, W1B 1, United Kingdom. For further information, visit the Palestine Solidarity Campaign website or the Facebook event page.

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