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The march of the forgotten

This is the name given to the “Mobilisation against repression and state violence” that will take place on Wednesday 6th May, at 6.30 pm. in Calais, and that is a demonstration for migrants’ rights.


Collectif Appel d’air


Calais and the refugees who find themselves stranded there have been in a spiral of constant insecurity and danger for the last fifteen years, but the situation has become more undignified than ever.

Made invisible after the hypocritical spectacle of the famous ‘dismantling of the Jungle’ in 2016, Calais in reality is as brutal as ever for those who remain.

Today, Calais represents the hidden stage of a war of attrition. Instability and mental and physical abuse due to the Dublin agreements and an invisible cage that makes people prisoners of their finger prints, of their identity, exist. Constant gratuitous and degrading police violence takes place.

People have been evicted on a daily basis or permanently expelled from their living quarters over the last five months. There have been an increasing number of deportations to countries under dictatorships, synonymous to death sentences for the deportees. Aggressive fortifications made of barbed wire, fences and towering concrete walls have been erected – a constant and explicit reminder of the way France and Europe welcomes displaced people.

Refugee Child Running – Calais Camp Photo Flickr

Behind the scenes, the French state is progressively closing in on the refugees, choking them out. As a reaction to this, a demonstration will be taking place on the 8th of May, a march that will end in front of the port of Calais.
The demands of the exiled people of the  Collectif Appel d’air are as follow:

-The recognition and ceasing of police violence
-The recognition of the brutality of and the need for the abolition of the Dublin agreements
-The ceasing of the stigmatization and criminalization of refugees
-The ceasing of aggressive urban development
-The ceasing of daily evictions from living spaces
-The ceasing of deportations
-Recognition and apology for the deaths of refugees at the borders and across Europe by government officials.

The march is organised by the Collectif Appel d’air, who are summoning people to do the following:

“Let us no longer allow the French government to operate with violence and complete impunity!
Let us no longer allow the vulnerable to be the victims of European oppression!
Let us no longer allow for those whose freedom is being violated to be forgotten!”

The collective is is inviting everybody “to stand beside us on the 8th of May in our fight to make our demands heard and to have our liberty restored”.

More information: Collectif Appel d’air

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