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Cremation jewellery from ashes, is it ethical?


Cremation jewellery and memorialization has been a staple of many cultures for centuries. When these types of pieces were first made, they contained compartments for ashes, and consisted of wood or metal that was engraved. Sometimes, hair from the deceased was placed inside a ring or necklace. Ash, nails, or even blood encased between plates of glass were used as the centerpieces of remembrance jewellery and unique cremation jewellery rings.

A lab-created diamond and a natural diamond have the same chemical properties, and they look the same to the naked eye. However, a synthetic diamond is a sustainable, more personal option.

Cremation Jewellery is Growing in Popularity

Using diamonds in tribute to the deceased is becoming very common. One of the prominent reasons for the increase in popularity is that it will withstand time, unlike other memorial tributes—urns break, monuments crumble, and tattoos fade. A diamond, however, preserves the cremains of a deceased loved one generation after generation. Plus, this permanent tribute is beautiful. The specs of the diamond—color, cut, and carat—are customized according to your exact wishes. This way, your diamond is unique, just like the person it’s made from.

What better tribute is there?

Cremation Jewellery More Ethical Option than Mined Diamonds

This business in the UK makes cremation jewellery from ashes. These lab-created diamonds are a more ethical option because they have less environmental impact than mined diamonds. And they are never blood diamonds, making them a more ethical option.

Many countries have implemented measures that diamonds sold within their borders are conflict-free, but there is no absolute method to stop the exchange of all diamonds that could potentially fund human rights abuse or war crimes.

For people that are trying to make a more ethical and environmentally-friendly diamond purchase, the fact that synthetic diamonds are never blood diamonds makes them an appealing choice for a large percentage of consumers.

In an effort to provide natural diamonds that are truly conflict-free, many jewelers sell ethical diamonds that were mined without any threats to the environment.

They are manufactured using carbon extraction, heat, and pressure. Contrary to the uncertain nature of Earth’s diamonds, synthetic diamonds are free of concerns. You can be 100% sure of their origins, unlike mined diamonds.

Diamond Cremation Jewellery Promote Healing for the Grieving

When someone close to you dies, it may seem as if part of your life is missing. You may even worry that you’ll forget things about your loved one—what they looked like, how their voice sounded, etc. It is possible to keep their memory alive. You can look at photo albums or perhaps see them in your dreams, but getting a diamond made from their ashes ensures that their memory will live on.

Diamond jewellery made from ashes of loved ones can promote healing in those who are grieving. It may serve as a gentle symbol of good memories and experiences. Cremation jewellery is a wonderful way to pay tribute to someone you love who has passed. It’s a gentle, tangible reminder that this person made a difference in your life.

Types of Cremation Jewellery

These days, there are more options than ever for creating stunning and personalized diamond jewellery from ashes. When you choose to create a unique diamond to honor your loved one, you have the opportunity to customize it however you wish. From ornate settings to timeless designs, your diamond can be mounted in a ring, necklace, earrings, and more.

Cremation Rings

A diamond embedded into a personalized ring is one of the most popular choices in cremation jewellery. From vintage and classic to halo and solitaire, you can select a setting that makes a perfect tribute to the loved one you have lost. Rings are available in silver, yellow or white gold, or platinum. No two cremation rings are alike!

Cremation Necklaces

Pendants and necklaces are special because you can keep your diamond close to your heart always. Choose a simple diamond pendant on a chain, or get a necklace made that’s adorned with other gems and crystals. There are many different designs available, such as half-moon, infinity, heart, or flower pendants.

Cremation Earrings

When we talk about cremation jewellery, rings and necklaces usually come to mind.  However, cremation earrings have also found their place as a significant kind of mourning jewelry. You can choose from a variety of designs including simple hoop mounts, flower clusters, and snowflake shapes.

How to Choose Cremation Jewellery

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing your cremation jewellery is the symbolism of the piece. Select a style, setting, and color that best symbolizes your special relationship with the deceased. The metal you choose affects the look, durability, and comfort of the diamond, so it’s a good idea to decide on the metal setting first. Once you have decided on the setting, you can choose the color, cut, and size of the diamond.

The Bottom Line

While we might lose the sight of our loved ones, their memories remain forever. Today, the UK’s long tradition of storing the remains of the deceased in urns is losing popularity. Most people have embraced cremation jewellery to create something unique as the infinite remembrance of the deceased. Diamond cremation jewellery is environmentally-friendly and relatively affordable, making it an ethical option for tributes.

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