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Julian Assange forever

We know the story. It’s not the first time that it has happened and unfortunately it won’t be the last. The journalist that uncovers the truth and for this is persecuted, vilified, humiliated, imprisoned, consigned to unemployment and/or murdered, is a dramatic reality of the 20th Century and still stands today.


“Free Julian Assange, Free Bradley Manning”. Photo by
William Murphy. Flickr License:

Patricio Mery Bell*


The accusations and investigations about: the Iran-Contra scandal, the war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan and reported by WikiLeaks, Watergate, the systematic violation of human rights perpetrated during Operation Condor in Latin America; signify the persecution, ostracismrelegation and murders of journalists that were behind these stories, in this way, the accusations against the political arms mafias, drugs and human organs signify definite problems for the journalists that dare to face them in the future. Power is brutal. It responds with extreme force. They look for ways to break you, put you down, isolate you, and make you appear like a paranoid madman.

Although they have the means, the power and the money to silence thousands of journalists; once in a while a figure appears who defies them and is prepared to search for truth until the bitter end.

After seven years of being confined in a small room of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, Julian Assange is imprisoned.

Photo: Pixabay

His crime:  Doing his job. Informing. Having shown you the brutality of collateral damage the cruelty of war amongst other sinister illegal activities by politicians and governments.

Quite a long sentence for one of the bravest and toughest journalists that history has known, who in the worst-case scenario could end up being extradited in this political witch hunt.

They are not going to stop, they need to destroy Julian to send a message to those that come later:

“Those that mess with us, the dark state, will pay the consequences”

However, in spite of all the power that they have, it hasn’t paid off. Why do these truth-seekers keep appearing? Why do we journalists not run away terrified with the thought of being detained, murdered or isolated?

The reason is simple, communication is power, this power is held by those that dare, it is reserved for the heroes; Julian Assange has beaten them, he made them kneel, they had to spend thousands even millions of dollars to fight him and even then they couldn’t silence him. His story, his work, his investigations will turn into history.

As usually happens in such cases, they used the formula to assassinate his image, shoot the messenger to kill the message.

  • Photo: Pixabay

    They accused him of rape: lies, in a consenting relationship between two adults’ rape cannot exist. They lost, their lie caught them out.

  • They used the big media companies to destroy his image, they didn’t succeed. They looked for a way to insult and ridicule him.
  • With unknown funds they made a film to show him as an ego-maniac, which was poorly acted too, it ended up being a fiasco (a separate mention for his ex-friend who featured in the show)
  • They accused him of violating military rights and of spying: lies, what kind of spying is it when a foreign journalist who published the information, given by his sources, and gave it freely to the public and that was then reproduced by the most important media outlets worldwide?
  • They accused him of breaking the conditions of his bail: true but seeking asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy was the only way to save his life. They lost again.
  • They bribed a corrupt President like the present one in Ecuador to hand over Julian Assange and to show him as uncivilised.Absolute defeat, the only one who lost in this game was Lenin Moreno who was exposed internationally by Wikileaks for his murky businesses connected to the use of off-shore companies, receiving back-handers and bribes in exchange for political favours – Ina Investment – where it was proved with numbers and named accounts that he received at least 18 million dollars in shady deals.
Photo by gnuckx. Flickr

But the problem in all of this, is that paradoxically, the more they attack Julian the more strength they give him. It is like throwing water over an electric fire. They can’t put Julian out. They have themselves

, made him grow and transformed him into a legend.

Julian Assange’s story will be the incentive for thousands of other Julians that dare to cross the line, improve their tactics, learn and evolve.

Citizens should see in Julian a Prometheus, who defied the Gods and stole the sacred fire to give it to the mortals, as a message of hope and development. Prometheus is imprisoned for now, but his fire has been liberated already.

The fight for truth and justice carries on, it is the duty of each citizen to choose a side: the deep state or that of the liberators.

They can never kill us all. Not even Hitler could do it with all his machinery of terror. The battle for truth will be long and complex, they are expert liars, if you displease them greatly then they will persecute you with justice, then they will try to bribe you, if they don’t succeed to stop you in these ways then they will murder you and it is in this moment that they always lose; it is there that they transform you into a legend, and for this reason they hesitate in doing so. It isn’t good for them to create symbols that awaken hearts and open the minds of millions of oppressed people.

Photo: Pixabay

Returning to the case of Julian Assange, geopolitics can have unexpected turns, although he has now is now part of our history, this doesn’t mean that the story of his life has finished. I have the hope that in the big power game he can find his freedom and reconstruct his life. Whatever happens Julian Assange has already won. He defeated the seven-headed dragon and all of its army.

*Patricio Mery Bell: Journalist, co-director of “La traición cuantica”. @journalistRebe3

(Translated by Carol M Byrne)

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