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Piazzolla, his grandson and his foundation

Today, as vice-president of this institution, Daniel Villaflor Piazzolla is tasked with continuing the worldwide promotion of his grandfather’s legacy – the genius who changed the history of tango in Argentina.


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Maylín Vidal


Laura Escalada Piazzolla, the wife of Astor Piazzolla, has no worries about entrusting Daniel with the work she began 24 years ago, of bestowing permanent honour on Piazzolla, and she emphasises that despite difficulties, they have done incredible things.

Together with Laura, Daniel discussed the details of the foundation with Prensa Latina.

He cites a recent example, the Buenos Aires production of María with  the Quintet – now on world tour – which had a successful run in several continents. The ensemble, he notes, continues in the same vein as Astor and his quintet; they play the same music, but each member adds their own little something, their mark and their emotions.

Regarding the foundation, Laura stresses that it has worked to the best of its ability, despite having had very little support. We have put in a lot of personal effort, but everything we did was top-class. We have never stopped and now Daniel is bringing new blood, new ideas and proposals.

“He is constant, and I have peace because having him, I know that this foundation is not going to die,” notes Laura, who reveals that they are already working towards Astor’s centenary in 2021.

On the premise of moving this great work forward, Daniel underlines that they are currently seeking support from institutions and businesses to implement their proposals, particularly concerning the training of students.

“We have an agreement with the Buenos Aires Conservatory of Music, which is called Astor Piazzolla; this is an example of the foundation’s proposal as an institute of teaching and higher teaching, attended by professionals,” he explains.

But they are very focused on education, coordinating with educational institutions, always seeking excellence, following in Astor’s footsteps, and respecting his music.

There are, on the other hand, concerts or events for the general public, with innovative proposals to attract many new audiences, as proposed by Astor, who spoke a lot to young musicians and young audiences.

The foundation is proposing to open itself up to the world, to seek support, to coordinate with everyone and mark the 100th anniversary with a project worthy of the occasion.

Daniel demonstrates that he assumes this task as a fine mix of personal challenge, happiness and great responsibility. “I have a lot to learn from Laura, I need to absorb it all, to use it and continue forward,” he says.

Already engrossed in an intense preparation programme for the centenary, the young man emphasises that the foundation intends to bring this message of constant transformation, of creativity and the work that it requires, but not to stop there, to forge ahead.

“If, for example, we manage to support a great number of students, the next year it has to be more and for this we need help – from people from all over the world who want to support through donations, from cultural organisations, whether from Argentina or the rest of the world, who want to work with the foundation on the mission of promoting Astor’s work. This has no geographical limit, it depends on everyone to move it forward, and the foundation is committed to achieving this,” he concludes. (PL)

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