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The UK and its four decades of solidarity with Nicaragua

To pay tribute to the history of these alliances and the importance of the Sandinista Revolution in this Latin American country, an event will be held on 29 June in London attended by members of unions, academics and the Ambassador of Nicaragua Guisell Morales.


Juan Andrés Cuervo


The Sandinista Revolution changed the history of Nicaragua, which was then living under the Somoza dictatorship. Named in honour of César Augusto Sandino, who led the resistance of the Latin American nation against the occupation of the United States between 1927 and 1933, this time it was Daniel and Humberto Ortega who spearheaded this struggle to finally end the government oppression in 1979.

At the same time, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign emerged, one of the nearly 2,500 groups that united in the struggle against a dictatorship that was backed by US interference.

Even after overthrowing the military regime, US President Ronald Reagan, who was elected in 1981, continued to destabilise countries on the Latin American continent.

Among others, his administration provoked civil wars in Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras, while supporting the dictatorships established in Brazil, Chile and Guatemala.

At that time, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister in the United Kingdom, and played an important role in her continued support of the American president to destabilise Latin American nations.

Seeking to understand Nicaragua

After Thatcher’s departure in the 1990s, the organisation continued to help the cause to support agricultural workers and union members, establishing links between the Latin American nation and the United Kingdom that continue to this day.

To demonstrate the importance of this alliance, the event, titled 40 years of UK – Nicaragua solidarity, will explain the evolution that the country has experienced since the beginning of the Sandinista Revolution through videos, music and debates.

Speakers of the event include, among others, the Ambassador of Nicaragua in the United Kingdom, Guisell Morales, members of the organisation, members of unions and academics.

The talks will also look at the role developed by the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign throughout this time and the way in which they have helped organisations, unions and agricultural workers in the Latin American country.

After becoming a charity in 2004, the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign Action Group, which organises the event, has carried out this type of activity to support the workers.

Founded in 1979, this group has worked with unions in the United Kingdom and Nicaragua with the objective of maintaining links to share ideals and promote economic and social justice. Day and time: 29 June at 1:30 p.m. Address: 45 White Lion Street, London, N1 9PW. More information:   and  evenbrite.

(Translated by Lucy Daghorn) Photos: Nicaragua Siolidarity Campaign

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