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United against xenophobia

Recent events such as the European elections have brought to light the urgent need to protest against the far-right uprising that is promoting hate. For these reasons, a conference will be held in Sheffield on 23 June to discuss racism.


Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


There has been a tendency in the political panorama over the last few years towards governments led by members that utilise the fear of immigrants and different ethnicities to gain power.

In this way, presidents of various world powers such as the United States, Brazil and Italy have managed to gain popularity in their countries by following this line of populism and xenophobia.

Populist representatives such as British politician Nigel Farage, France’s Marine Le Pen, Italy’s Matteo Salvini and Hungary’s Viktor Orban have gained victory in the recent European elections.

Such a high level of xenophobia hasn’t been seen in Europe’s political sphere since the 1930s, when Germany, Italy and Spain were subject to the yoke of far-right presidents.

That said, the setback suffered in Latin America has been evident since 2007, when the left was flourishing in the area. In fact, this situation was evident during the Ibero-American Summit in Santiago, where only Colombia was governed by a right-wing president.

However, the opposite is currently being observed, whereby the governmental structure in nations such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Paraguay has taken a turn towards the right.


The great crises in history have been overcome by means of protest, and #WorldAgainstRacism has focused its ideals on eliminating racism and different types of islamophobia in society with the participation of thousands of people.

In fact, the recent killing of Muslims in New Zealand is another example of this urgent problem in today’s society.

A conference will be organised with the participation of representative members of the fight against inequality and which can be attended by anyone who wishes to raise their voice to continue the revolution.

The event is organised by Sheffield Stand Up to Racism and Sheffield Unite Against Facism, two organisations that seek to eliminate racial hate in society by means of protest.

They are supported by Yorkshire TUC, which leads 48 unions.

Date and time: 23 June, 12pm. Location: Theatre Deli Sheffield, 202 Eyre Street, S1 4QZ. Contact: More info: Facebook event.

(Translated by Lucy Daghorn) Photos Facebook announced event and Pixabay

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