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Facing the Apocalypse: arguments for eco-socialism

This is the name of the book by Alan Thornett who will be discussing the topic in the book launch that will take place on 3 July in London.


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The event is organised and hosted by London Socialist Resistance who emphasise the author’s words that “we are facing a multifaceted threat to the planet. Crucial resources are running out. Pollution is choking the ecosystems.”

Indeed, for Alan Thornett, the book’s author – from a defence of the remarkable ecological content of classical Marxism, lost during the 20th century, to the rise of productivism – the book is an appeal to the socialist left to take the ecological crisis far more seriously.

The author engages with major debates that are unresolved on the left. He promotes a transitional approach, distinct from those that think capitalism will find a solution and those who think revolutionary propaganda is enough.

Alan Thornett argues that defending the planet today requires the broadest possible movement.

Photo: Pixabay

This book – according to a review –  is an “essential read for all who wish to challenge climate change and other environmental threats, from ocean acidification to mass extinction that put our future in question”. It is inspiring that a former car worker should be such a passionate advocate of ecological politics.

“This is an original and wonderfully engaging contribution to the practical politics of climate change action”, they claim. Alan is not one for pat slogans, but engages in vital debates about how to make our action effective in the face of an ecocidal system of global capitalism. It is vital that we read this book, engage with its arguments and build a movement for eco-socialism.”.

Published by Resistance Books and the IIRE “Facing the Apocalypse – Arguments for Ecosocialism”  is a book by Alan Thornett.

Date and place: Wednesday 3 July, 7 pm. Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, N1 9DX (Kings Cross tube). More information: London Socialist Resistance. Advance registration here.


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