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USA, Trump and his unethical hands on Latin America

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Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba are just some of the Latin countries threatened by The White House with war, sanctions and blockade. But most of this is illegal and unhumanitarian and the world wants to put a stop to it.  On this very topic an event will take place on Thursday, 4 July 2019.  


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During the Donald Trump administration, the United States of America has repeatedly attacked the Venezuelan government, applying an embargo and adopting sanctions that affect the lives of all Venezuelan people.

The New York Times reported: “a group of senior citizens waiting in line to collect their pensions worried that the Trump administration’s actions would further bankrupt their country and deepen the humanitarian crisis that has left so many starving, sick and without basic services”.

However, these attacks have been extended to the entire South American region. Relations with Cuba have taken a substantial step back since the Obama administration when the former President entertained more favourable diplomatic relations with the Latin country.

Now, President Trump has intensified trading and travelling restrictions  with regards to the island again.

Moreover, he is supporting the right-wing Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and they are currently working together to build stronger ties.

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Thus,  the event “Rally – Stop Trump in Latin America: No war & illegal sanctions”, hosted by Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and Ken Livingstone will take place, in London.

According to the organisers: “As well as threatening war on Venezuela, Trump is threatening the Evo Morales-led government in Bolivia, tightening the blockade on Cuba, backing up the far-right Bolsonaro in Brazil, introducing illegal sanctions on Nicaragua, trying to get Colombia into NATO and much more besides. Come and find out why our solidarity with Venezuela and other countries is so important and why we should mobilise against Trump’s visit to the NATO summit here in the winter.”

Among the speakers will be: Francisco Dominguez, Venezuela Solidarity; Gabriel Rodriguez, ITF, Argentina; Kate Hudson, CND; Julia Felmanas, Workers Party, Brazil; and Manuel Bueno, a Bolivian trade unionist.

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Moreover, “Rally – Stop Trump in Latin America: No war & illegal sanctions” is the first meeting of its kind, and is “what will become an annual ‘Independence day’ event of the VSC : join us to loudly say Stop Trump in Latin America – no war on Venezuela, no to illegal sanctions”.

Date and place: Thursday, 4 July 2019, from 6.30 pm. to 8.30 pm. At The Discus, 128 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8TN. For further information, visit the Facebook page event.

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