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Internet governance in a peaceful and safe way

Information security is not a guarantee, but an urgent issue on the current global stage, which is increasingly dominated by information and communications technologies (ICT).


José Marlon Vázquez


More and more countries are making use of the benefits of ICT as a means to drive economic, political and social transformation, but due to being exploited for criminal purposes, these technologies have transformed the landscape of international security.

This is according to Cuban Minister for Communication, Jorge Luis Perdomo, who recently closed the international forum devoted to the use of ICT for peaceful purposes.

“Cuba stands by the use of these technologies to promote knowledge, eradicate poverty and social exclusion, and not as an instrument to promote war, intervention, destabilisation, subversion, unilateralism or terrorist acts,” he stated.

For his part, Russian presidential advisor for matters related to international cooperation and information security, Andrey Krutskikh, has stated that this problem has yet to be resolved, especially when some countries aim to utilise such technologies to interfere in other nations’ internal affairs, abuse their sovereignty and human rights.

Krutskikh has commented that the need for rules for responsible behaviour will be a topic analysed by the United Nations working group this September.

In this space, the sovereign means and principles that allow countries to develop information technologies and communications will be discussed.

He also highlighted that, as a prelude to the meeting at the UN, the forum in Cuba demonstrated the importance of coordination and joint cooperation among different countries in order to combat the misuse of information and communication technologies for criminal purposes.

Personal data protection

During the forum, Cuba’s Deputy Minister of Communications, Wilfredo González, told Prensa Latina that a person’s individual security with respect to the use of technologies is essential in the process of computerisation in society.

To that end, a number of national agencies are working together to develop a standard that protects the personal data of those who access the Internet.

González stressed that the term “Internet governance” refers to the technology used to access the Internet and everything related to people’s digital content and access.

In the process, a revision has taken place of the rules and laws established by various countries which regulate the correct use of expressions and condemn cyberterrorism, violation of personal privacy, and false news created for misinformation and not to promote truth in the virtual space, he assured.

Therefore, when developing information technology, security as a principle must be given priority from the early stages of project development.

However, it cannot be denied that ICT is an essential tool for a country’s economic development and that its benefits are also used to promote political and social transformations. The declaration signed by the 21 nations present at the forum states that it is necessary to initiate a negotiations process within the framework of the United Nations in order to adopt a legally binding international instrument that makes it possible to eliminate the existing legislative gaps in the sphere of security in ICT use.

The document also emphasises the need to reduce the digital divide at global level and achieve an equal level of participation from all states in the international governance of the Internet to ensure its safe and stable operation.

The text also emphasises that any action carried out in order to convert the digital and telecommunications space into a platform for military operations must be rejected, and that it is necessary to continue perfecting the international legal instruments used to regulate issues of strengthening cybersecurity. (PL)

(Translated by Lucy Daghorn: – Photos: Pixabay

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