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‘Here & There’: life after hurricane Maria

This play tells the story of two sisters from Puerto Rico who live respectively in London and the Latin American country, and whose relationship changes after the natural catastrophe that devastated the nation. Starring Puerto Rican actors, it will be performed in the English capital from 15th to 17th August, as part of The Camden Fringe Festival. 


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Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


Victoria and Lucy, two sisters who grew up in Puerto Rico, have always dreamed of living in London. Finally, Victoria manages to reach the British capital and thus realise her ambitions.

However, while they are separated, Hurricane Maria occurs, a deadly tropical cyclone that caused a catastrophe in Dominica, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in September 2017.

In fact, it is considered the worst natural disaster recorded on those Atlantic islands since Hurricane Jeanne in 2004.

According to the independent study that the government of Puerto Rico commissioned from George Washington University, at least 2,975 people died between September 2017 and February 2018 in Puerto Rico.

That fact was one of the triggers that increased the crisis in the Latin American nation, leading to a demonstration held on 22nd July of this year against the leader Ricardo Roselló.

Roselló finally chose to resign, thus becoming the first president to leave office voluntarily since Puerto Ricans began to elect to its presidents in 1947.

Separated by the ocean

After the catastrophe, the relationship between the sisters changes and they must confront their personal situations. Given that one lives in Puerto Rico and the other in London, problems related to distance, regret and helplessness arise in the face of the inability to help.

Photo from Here & There Press Office

The play is directed by EJ Soto and stars Joan Villafañe and Amanda Vilanova, who are both writers of the theatrical performance.

The play offers a sample of Latin American culture through real events and an exhibition of various stereotypes related to Puerto Rico.

It was produced by Stage Name Production, a company that gives voice to minorities with the aim of establishing partnerships, and ‘Here & There’ is the first project to reach the theatre.

The work is part of Camden Fringe, an arts festival that began in 2006 and accommodates different aspects of art, such as musical theatrical performances, comedy, dance, poetry, cabaret, opera or improvisation.

Currently, the festival includes 300 different productions, and each show lasts approximately one hour. It was created by Zena Barrie and Michelle Flower, who performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival between 2002 and 2006, and have led the Etcetera Theatre in Camden for eight years since 2004. Dates and time: From 15th to 17th August, at 12.30. Address: 265 Camden High Street, London NW1 7BU. Contact: More information here:  Tickets available from

(Translated by Hannah Phelvin – Email:

Turning on a torch during Hurricane María…

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