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Multicultural understanding through poetry

Poems from around the world…. Entries are invited for the 2019 Multicultural Poetry Competition organized by the International Multicultural Network from Azerbaijan and The Prisma – Multicultural Newspaper from the United Kingdom.  Deadline: 30 October, 2019

The aim of the competition is to promote poetry and multicultural dialogue between poets   all across the   world. Because of this the Poems around the world: Multicultural Poetry Competition -2019 Project promotes, fosters and inspires the multicultural  poetry by presenting it to diverse audiences, increasing public recognition, awareness and appreciation of multicultural poetry.

It also provides a community setting in which poets  can exchange ideas and information and encourages the participation and development of new poets in a broad range of styles.

The objective is to provide the opportunity for poets and community members to demonstrate their creative and cultural talents in poetry, and to encourage poets and community members to publish their poems by submitting them to a Multicultural Poetry Competition Organizing Committee.

The contest also aims to enhance the   learning of multicultural poetry and to promote The Multicultural Poetry Competition as a lifelong multicultural interest.

Competition theme:

  • Azerbaijan is an example of multiculturalism and religious tolerance,
  • Promoting a Global Community through Multicultural Children’s Literature,
  • Multicultural Discovery: The variety of cultures,
  • Multicultural Partnerships: Involving all families,
  • Understanding Culture and Diversity in Building Communities,
  • Building relationships with people from different cultures,
  • The importance of multiculturalism.

The competition is open to all poets. Judging will take place anonymously. Contact information provided by entrants will not be disclosed to other individuals or organizations.

Poems must not have been previously chosen as winners or honorable mentions in other competitions.


  • Poetry can be written in any poetic style on the subject above,
  • Your poem must not already be published anywhere else,
  • Only one poem per person,
  • All poems must be written in English,
  • Competition entries must be at least three but cannot exceed 30 lines (including stanza breaks),
  • The poem title does not count as a line,
  • Do not double-space.

Deadline: 30 October, 2019. Submit poems to: Questions: Winners will be announced on 1 November, 2019.

The International Multicultural Network from Azerbaijan will publish an anthology that will include the poems poems selected by the jury. Details about their printed book will be announced after the competition.

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