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New blockade: Cuba and Venezuela targeted by the U.S

During the past few weeks, the Trump administration has imposed harsh new sanctions and restrictions on Cuba and Venezuela. There will be a public meeting to discuss US actions  on the 23rd of September in Brighton, UK  in support of those two Latin countries. 


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The United States of America has tightened its embargo on the Caribbean’s largest island in a reaction to Cuba’s support for the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro.

The State Department said that educational travel and visits to Cuba via cruises, or any other recreational vessel, will no longer be permitted, a change that will cost an incredible economic loss to the island. After Obama loosened the restriction in 2014, US travel to Cuba had boomed becoming the second source of visitors, after Canada.

The owner of a restaurant in Old Havana said: “This is another hard blow, around 50% of our business comes from the cruise ships.” as The Guardian reported.

In the meantime, Venezuela has been targeted by further and harder restrictions as well. On the 5th of August 2019, Donald Trump imposed a total blockade on Venezuela, whose intention is to lead to the overthrow of President Maduro . But, the reality is that all these sanctions are harming the people of the country. Only in the past few years over four million Venezuelans have left their country, seeking a brighter future.

John Bolton, the US national security advisor, has started a new economic blitz on Nicolas Maduro, by freezing all Venezuelan government assets in the United States. Moreover, the White House will sanction all those who do business with Maduro’s government, hoping to make it collapse.

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Besides this, the US president said that he is considering a naval blockade on this South American country, placing ships along its coasts to stop goods reaching Venezuela.

The Pentagon has not considered this idea, as it would be hard to accomplish and it would divert US naval assets from Iran and China.

Nevertheless, even when they are far away from their homes, South American people are working very hard to fight the social issues and the inequities that are affecting their native countries.

They are trying to get their voice heard against Trump’s sanctions and threats of war in Latin America.

“Trump: hands off Cuba and Venezuela – no to blockade and sanction”, will be held in Brighton, organized and hosted by Venezuela Solidarity Campaign and Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

The two solidarity groups are asking for an end to the sanctions imposed by the White House, that have been harming the economies of Cuba and Venezuela.

The participants will be: H. E. Teresita Vicente, Cuban Ambassador; Danielle Rowley MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Justice & Green Jobs; Steve Turner, Unite Assistant General Secretary; Christine Blower, National Education Union International Secretary; Huda Elmi, Labour NEC; Marcus Barnett, Young Labour International Officer; Francisco Dominguez, VSC; Chair: Karen Lee MP, Shadow Minister for Fire & Rescue Services.

Date and place: Monday, 23 September 2019, at 5.30 pm. At the Auditorium, Brightelm Centre, North Rd, Brighton BN1 1YD. This event will be outside of the conference zone, so it will be open to all. For further information, visit the Facebook event page.

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