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‘Talking Peace Festival’… searching for world peace

Armed conflicts taking place in countries such as Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan or Iraq have produced a high number of deaths and movement of people. To analyse the current situation and offer solutions to this global problem, a group of NGOs are taking part in an event which will take place in London on 21st September 2019.


Juanjo Andrés Cuervo


Since the beginning of the 21st century, countries like the USA and the UK have continued to benefit from their imperialist policies to the detriment of much weaker nations.

For example, the former Labour MP, Tony Blair, did not hesitate in helping the North Americans in their war against Iraq which had an obvious economic undertone. Despite opposition from a large part of the British population, the UK has continued to spend a high percentage of public money on weapons. In addition, the restrictive anti-immigration policies created by these powers have left many refugees in limbo.

In this context, the members of +Peace have created a cultural and artistic platform designed to unite people in the face of these global threats.

The ‘Talking Peace Festival’ celebrates its fifth year and will include art, food, photography, talks and live music to commemorate peace.

Working in more than 38 countries, organisations such as Conciliation Resources, International Alert, Mercy Corps, Peace Direct and Saferworld are working alongside communities and governments to promote peace.

Events and timing

To start, ‘Conflict Café’ will present different culinary arts from those places affected by armed conflict. Organised by International Alert, it will offer Filipino delicacies.

After, there will be a showing of the film ‘The Witness: Cain and Abel’, shown by Conciliation Resources which tells the tragic story of Jesús Abad Colorado.

After his family were killed in a rural area of Colombia, he bought a camera and dedicated the following 25 years of his life to documenting civil war in his country. The film therefore shows photographs of horrific events which took place in the past. There will also be a question and answer session with the producer.

The third is called ‘Talk from Yemen’ and is a session organised by the Sana’a Centre for Strategic Studies. It will show how a civil society survives a conflict which obstructs peace in the African country. This will involve street art, gender and youth research, campaigns and community activities.

After this there will be a comedy show called ‘Pints 4 Peace’ where funny stories of reconciliation over a drink will be told. This is arranged by Peace Direct and there will be beer, drinks, coffee and tea for the audience.

Lastly, there will be a virtual reality experience organised by Mercy Corps.

This advanced technology will help Syrians to reconnect with their home country and talk about the situation which affects the nation.

The event is organised by +Peace, a coalition formed of 21 peace organisations that aims to mobilise the people, government and the private sector to eliminate violence and the division in the world. This event represents the group’s official launch.

Date and time: 21 September 2019 at 12 midday. Address: Flat Iron Square, 64 Southwark Street, London SE1 1RU. Contact: For more information please visit here.

(Translated by Corrine Harries – Email:

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